Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quest Complete

I have finally found that which has eluded me for years and years: the perfect lip balm. Behold!

The blurriness and flip-floppiness adds to the mystique. Really. It's Vanilla Sugar lip balm from Bath and Body Works, one of my (and Kyla's) favorite lip balms of all time that DISAPPEARED from the stores because it was DISCONTINUED. (WHY?! Why!??!) And it took me years to figure this out and then find them on ebay. As soon as I did I bought them! I am now the proud owner of two .14oz vanilla sugar lip balms and am just so ridiculously thrilled and delighted about this that I did a happy dance as I was opening the package and even now feel a squee coming on.

It's amazing lip balm! It smells good, it tastes good, it isn't slimy or glossy like all the others, and Nick even likes it. (Amaaaaazing. Really. Picky boy). I luuurve it!

Apparently this lip balm is being sold again for a limited time, which is how I won it on ebay. But I don't want you all to rush out and start buying this lip balm just from my say-so on how fantastic it is--they might run out! In fact, this lip balm actually kind of sucks. You definitely do not want to buy it. I would suggest perhaps MAC or Burt's Bees, which are infinitely superior. OK gtg off to buy out the rest of ebay's stock! Smooches! ^_^


The Fredy Family said...

I have a ton of those in my drawer....

Katie said...

YOU DOOOOOOOOOO?!!?!?! (aackzonkheadsmack).
Lucky duck. ;) My favorite used to be the vanilla sugar and the ripe red currant. Which one's ur fave?

The Fredy Family said...

Vanilla sugar. I looked in my drawer. They are gone. I think they are in random bags and drawers.