Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cat up a Tree

During our dog playdate, we forgot that the kitten Zoe was still outside! Sage saw her and then raced up the hill towards her, and she promptly tore up a tall tree.

Look carefully and you will see a gray kitten up this very tall tree, on a very steep hill.

Initially we were going to let her chill up there for a while, and hope that she would come down on her own. But she ended up wedging herself between the V of two branches and started meowing pitifully, so we caved.
After I took this picture I warned Nick to not die, because I didn't want this to be the last picture I ever took of him.

Zoe, looking down at us and ignoring our demands/pleas to come down. She tried to climb up a few times and each time she did we yelled and Nick hit the tree. He was only about a foot away from her at the top of the ladder, but couldn't get any closer, and she refused to come towards him.

After about 20 minutes our necks hurt and we came down, and Zoe was brave enough to slide/climb down a few feet to the next branches that V'd, and Nick climbed up and scruffed her and got her down. Yay!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great picture of me...
and for trying to kill my cat.

Katie said...

I think that you look cute! :)
I think your cat might be immortal, actually. (whoops!)