Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Day + Surprise = Don't Want Weekend to End!

I had a delicious french toast baked with honey and orange juice breakfast made by my mom this morning. 

I drove over to see Nick and had a smoothie and a smoochie. ^_^

Then I went to Cassie and Jon's house for their daughter Aubrey's 1 year birthday!!! Seems like just yesterday she was born! She is so cute, the party was a lot of fun!

Then I drove to study group which wasn't amazingly fun but was still okie-dokie. 

Now I'm home, Mom tells me to look in the bathroom, and what do I see? 


SIX! (Holy cow!) KITTENS! (yay!) 

Expect photos shortly. 

1 comment:

The Fredy Family said...

So I see you actually made it to a 1 years olds birthday party. I think this calls for a celebration! Your mom must have known that it was a rare occurance so the kittens were your prize!