Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I picked up a stray dog today after I nearly ran her over--but it's probable she would have damaged my car more than I damaged her. This is a picture of her breed--I think she was mixed with maybe St. Bernard too.

She was the sweetest thing and came right on over when I called her, and she got into my car and I drove her to my house and called the cell number on her collar--no answer, so we left a message. An hour later there was no call back, and our poor dogs were tired of being yelled at for barking at the strange dog in the backyard.

Sage and Kali

Just when we were beginning to panic that we might have this moose in our backyard all night--and would she freeze outside? where will we put her inside? if she sleeps in the guest bedroom will she tear it to pieces?--we got a call from a quavery voice, a sweet elderly woman who lived not one mile from us.

This dog, Dixie, evidently went to the same dog training school that ours did--the Dig-And-Dig-Until-You-Are-Free-Under-The-Fence School. She had already escaped once today and the sweet lady was so happy we had found her! Reminds us that even when we're exasperated and mad at our dogs for escaping, we're happy to find them too.

All's well that ends well.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Attacked by Aliens

Lasts night I woke up about every half hour, dreaming that the aliens from Pitch Black--the Vin Diesel movie--were attacking me and my companions. We were protecting ourselves with plates of light that would explode and kill us if we used them too much--and the people I was with were trying to attack me as well! I couldn't change my dreams all night!
I woke up at 2am because my toes were freezing STILL. They were so cold all night! My throat hurt and my skin was painfully sensitive and my bones and joints--especially my hips--were aching.

I woke up with a fever of 101 degrees.

I croaked for mom and she came in and gave me some tylenol. It took another half hour or so for it to hit, and I kept flipping from side to side because I could not sleep comfortably. On my back I felt like puking. On my sides my ears hurt touching the pillow. On my stomach I couldn't breathe well. Then the meds hit and I slept off and on for five more hours.

Needless to say, I skipped classes today. I did do some homework, and walked around a bit, but I fatigued very easily. I've been popping Tylenol every 4-6 hours and my body still aches and my skin hurrrrts. I feel like I have the flu but I have a sore throat instead of puking.

Nick came over after school for an hour! He was very sweet and let me snuggle up on him while we watched the news. He had to leave and go do homework though. I blame him for getting me sick--even though we had different colds/flu? symptoms, and he says it's my fault for kissing him! ^_^

I guess it's worth it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day of working Monday nights! And last week was my last Tuesday and Wednesday night! I am now officially only working Saturdays (and Fridays, I think, when Aimee goes on maternity leave).

I was so surprised--my boss came up to me on Saturday and said "So, this is your last Monday!"
I was all: "Huzwhatta?"
And he said that they had worked out the schedule, but could I work this Monday? Even if just for a few hours. And I said of course--and then wandered off in shock, bumping into a few walls. I am happy to be off work for nights--but kind of sad, because I've worked nights for two years now. My boss said I had better get all A's! ^_^ I assured him that I am working towards A's!

I should probably stop doing this procrastination stuff then.

Friday, January 23, 2009


My computer has gone crazy wonky lately (read, the last week or so) and will not let me post anything! I'm posting this right now at Nick's house, on his computer.

Today the girls and I at work threw Aimee a baby shower and bought her lots of cute baby girl pink soft fluffy things! We also ate pot stickers and cupcakes. Mmm.

My stomach hurts. I think I am getting Nick's cold. I have nothing interesting to post.

I got the sad news that my aunt's dad passed away--Rest in peace, Terry's dad.

Oh! I am very very happy, however, because we have a new president! President Obama! Woohoo! I watched the inauguration three times (twice at school). Yay!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sudden Happiness Is Now Turning Into An UhOh Feeling...

First: YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I AM IN ANATOMY! YES!YES!YES! (happy dances all around!) YEEES! YAY! WHEE! SPIN! SPINSPINSPIN . . . and then fall down. 

Second: Ouch. Since I got Anatomy I'm now taking 16 units. (For you non college savvy peoples... 12 is considered full time college work and 18 units is the maximum allowed without special permits). 

Third: I did not get into Chemistry. Boooooo. There were 27 people trying to add an already full course that only could accept 26 TOTAL. Fifty people crowded into a room is not fun. 

Fourth: Stooopid chemistry teacher made us wanna-be-adds suffer by waiting through 1 1/2 hour lecture, taking a diagnostic test, and then 1 1/2 hours in lab before telling us "Oh, btw! I am not adding ANYBODY. Until at least next week. And maybe not even then! Mwahahahahaha!!!" And then we all killed her and were arrested and I'm writing this from a dank jail cell. 

Fifth: I'm quite tired. Waking at 6 in the morning sucks. (I see you rolling your eyes). 

Sixth: I may soon be unemployed! Like 8-10% of our population currently is! Granted, this was started by me, but I wanted to work part-part time, and now my boss thinks he may have to dangle all my hours to entice a new technician. Soooooo yep. Cool. 

Seventh: Because of #6, Nick may have to buy all of my sushi! SCORE! ^_^

Eighth: Why is it I can spell big long words but the word EIGHTH stumps me? I seriously retyped that three times before I got it right. 

Ninth: I picked up Grandma's old wedding ring--beautiful braided gold, that was missing parts and too small--from the repair jeweler's and it is beautiful and shiny once more and Mom is excited to wear it now so I'm excited for her! Yay!

Tenth: I'm typing this outside because it was a GORGEOUS day today--again! Short sleeves = happiness! And Troy just came home, and my dogs are more excited to see him than they were to see me, which bugs me, so now I need to go pick on Troy for a while. Or possibly play with the dogs so they like me better. But I'll probably just go to work! 

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was the first day of my fourth semester of college! (Ponder that for a second--didn't I just start college? How the heck did it get to be FOURTH semester? That's like . . .two whole years!)

I am in psychology and nutrition, and am trying to add both anatomy and chemistry. (AIEIEIEIE)

In Anatomy this morning, there were about an even number of people in class and trying to add it. He said he would accept nine people to stay, but not get add codes, and then kick some of us out later. We drew papers out of a box and I was one of the lucky nine that got to stay!

My heart was pounding SO MUCH. I tell ya, I don't want classes until I can't get in them, and then I want them BAD. So yay, I am sort of in. But next class he will probably do a random drawing and OHGODOHGOD WHAT IF I DON'T GET IN?! AGGGHHHH!

And tomorrow I get to see if I get into chemistry, which, hooray, I HATE chemistry and don't want to want it. Bleaagh. Stupid nursing prerequisites.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Apparently I am now old enough for my boss to ask me if the ring on my finger is an engagement ring! (Granted, it is sparkly and pretty and diamondy).

I didn't quite know what to say. I have worn this ring for four years now! I've hardly ever taken it off--just the last few weeks when the diamond was loose and I had it repaired.

But it made me laugh!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today was a crazy errand day--the jeweler's , Goodwill, the adoption center, an auto store, grocery store, Target . . . and we didn't have time to go to the trade-in book store.

Very successful though--the jeweler gave us an estimate for the jewelry of grandma's, I had my diamond ring fixed (the diamond was coming loose), had my new ring verified as white gold, all of the jewelry cleaned, and decided to have grandma's original wedding ring repaired and sized and my new pearls restrung and knotted. Yay!

Something I found out today is really bugging me though. . .

Does anybody else (besides me and the woman jeweler) thing it is outrageous and ridiculous that my mom has to PAY to receive her mother's jewelry?!?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last Day in San Francisco: Coit Tower

This was one of the last things that we did in San Francisco--the Coit Tower. It is on top of Telegraph Hill, and is 21 stories high on the top of a hill, and the only way for us to get up was up a rickety old-fashioned elevator! Scary!

The top is an open tower with large windows, and the lower windows that we could see through had glass coverings that people slid coins and mementos through.

This one cracked me up. Amidst coins from all over the world (maybe not in this photo but I have others, honest!) some family left temporary graffiti. So of course I had to take a picture of it! They will be remembered.

This is one of the views from the top--another view was over the bay. It was quite foggy that afternoon!

On our way out we also drove through Lombard Street (the crookedest street in San Francisco!) Whoo-eee, I would not want to live there because of the parking!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yet Another Group of Camera-Happy Tourists in San Francisco

When Nick and I and his family were in San Francisco for New Year's, we went to a lot of places, and in nearly every place I took a picture of us both. A lot of them didn't turn out or looked very similar, but these are some of the ones that caught my eye!

Nick and I in front of a stretchy mirror thingy in the Aquarium by the Bay's gift shop.
If my legs were really that long I would be a model. . .

. . .or Gumby.

Yep, probably Gumby.

Nick and Clair (his younger sister, turning eight in a few days) walking along the Coit Tower.

And both of us....possibly also in the Coit Tower. I have to try for sooo many pictures with him to get a good one that I never remember where they are!

Anyway, the point is we had an amazing time!