Friday, April 10, 2009

Dog Playdate


Also! Nick's parents and Clair went off to the ocean for a few days so Nick and I had their house to ourselves! I had a brilliant idea the second day and brought over my dogs to meet their dogs, like a dog playdate. It . . . turned out not to be such a brilliant idea, and all the dogs may now be emotionally traumatized.

Here's Bobbi Socks, their new(ish) boxer. She loves those leaves, loves to drool, and is very friendly. So friendly she ticked off my dogs by licking their mouths (ew).

Aaand here's Molly, the sassy Boston terrier that started off hating me and now likes me and jumps and licks but isn't that friendly towards strangers, including dogs.

Here Molly is terrifying my dog Kali. Molly kept trying to herd my dogs by biting at their legs, poor things!

Sage loves Nick. Though it is possible in this case that my girls are trying to jump on Nick so they can get away from Molly and Bobbi. Kali actually jumped into the trunk of my car and wouldn't come out!

And then Sage chased the kitten up a tree. A tall tree. Which she promptly got wedged into and was stuck. But that's another post!

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