Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I haven't updated in so long that my computer forgot to remember my password for me, so I had to wrack my brains so I could post some gibberish. You're welcome. 

Gibberish Point the First: I am having a hellish few days and it's all my fault. If you remember, last year I took microbiology and chemistry (and some more stuff) and got so stressed that I got IBS and it took me a year to feel better. I got Incompletes in my classes which meant I could take a year to finish my classes--and to finish them I need to take three finals. Which I procrastinated on for nearly a year. I have eleven days to take them and finish my education class and still work during which I am taking over teaching computers. I was busy for twelve hours straight today. 

Gibberish Point the Second: dude, THANKSGIVING HAPPENED! I spent it with Nick and his family at their cabin in the snow! It was awesome! We ate a lot and played games and drank mai tais and discovered we don't like Bloody Mary's and totally didn't shop on Black Friday. 

Gibberish Point the Third: I am super serious about this working out and losing weight thing. So super serious that I totally worked out for 45 minutes and then made cookies. BOO-YEAH! 

Gibberish Point the Fourth: We finished watching all the available seasons of Psych and really want the next season to come out on netflix so we can stare mindlessly at the TV some more!

Gibberish Point the Fifth: My Nanny is moving here from Florida! She gets here soon. We're very happy she is going to be living near us!

Okay. I'm gonna go zone out in front of X-Files (my boyfriend is a geek) for the rest of the night so I can study my butt off tomorrow for my lab exam and portfolio tomorrow. Ugh. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BBC Update: Sweaty

Well, in Bikini Body Challenge news; I gained weight. 

I don't actually own a scale, but my pants are tighter and my tummy is flabbier. (Sexy! Pow!) 

BUT I just went and worked out for the first time since I quit the gym since I quit Taekwondo. Yes. We have been living on our own for three plus months, about fifty yards away from our own gym, and I just managed to drag my ass over there to get sweaty and exhausted before dragging my way back and collapsing on the couch. 

Then I ate a salad. With rice vinegar. I was too lazy to make my own yummy dressing. 

. . . so do I have to do this workout things multiple times to see results? 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sac Night Out!

Andra and I went out clubbing Saturday night! We had so much fun. Also fun was saving money by being on the guestlist and then being able to spend it on mai tai's. Yummy! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I suspect . . .

. . . that after driving through San Francisco's teeny tiny streets with their bajillion trillion streetlights I will no longer mind the moderate amount of lights when driving through Sacramento. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Update

I taught computer class all by my self today, and by December will be teaching it completely! I'll go into that later. Suffice to say, it was fun, and awesome, and I wanna do it again. 

I substitute kindergarten tomorrow. Which means I have to get up early. Ugh. 

Went out with my coworker friends today, laughed a lot. Fun!

Our apartment is messy. 

I love my boyfriend. 

This weekend will be busy. 

I really, truly, seriously for-reals this time must study for my incompletes.