Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sniff and Awww

I am way too emotional right now methinks: 

First, Kyla is getting married!!! I am so excited for her, and glad that it has finally happened! I can't wait to see her this summer! 

Second, Troy just asked me (he needed a "girly opinion") whether or not for prom if he should get Margie (his girlfriend of 6 months) a corsage or a single rose. We both lean towards the rose because 1) I think corsages are lame, they get squished and distract from your dress, and this is just A Thing that I have, corsages just equal annoying, and 2) we agree that a single rose is very romantic. Aaaaaaghhhh why is my baby brother growing up? 

Sniff. Sniff. Waaahhh!!! 

I Totally Cannot Think of a Title

Am rather extraordinarily tired. Tiiiiirrreeed. Not swine flu just tiiiired. Actually too tired to worry about the ridiculous amount of studying I ought to be doing for finals. Ack. 



Friday, April 24, 2009

Harry Potterverse and Randomness

Can't post new photos, camera is at Nick's. Rest assured that the kittens are adorable, and fluffy, and holy cow there are SIX kittens and that is a lot. They are so picture-worthy when they are all snuggled together! Just imagine it for now. ^_^

In other news, I gave an eight minute speech on why peoples should bring their pets to the vet and keep them up to date on vaccines and on heartworm preventative. Don't make me write the speech down, just take my word for it. 

In other, other news, I have become re-hooked on Harry Potter books and movies and heeeelpmeeeeeeee cannot stop reading Deathly Hallows! Will get no sleep tonight until I finish the book! (Shakes fist at J.K. Rowling for writing such intriguing novels!!!) 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Scary: Part 2

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?! My little community college had a BOMB threat! They evacuated the night classes! Whatever happened to my teeny little town?

Edited to Add: There is a kitten biting my toe. He has very sharp teeth.  

Carry on. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Day + Surprise = Don't Want Weekend to End!

I had a delicious french toast baked with honey and orange juice breakfast made by my mom this morning. 

I drove over to see Nick and had a smoothie and a smoochie. ^_^

Then I went to Cassie and Jon's house for their daughter Aubrey's 1 year birthday!!! Seems like just yesterday she was born! She is so cute, the party was a lot of fun!

Then I drove to study group which wasn't amazingly fun but was still okie-dokie. 

Now I'm home, Mom tells me to look in the bathroom, and what do I see? 


SIX! (Holy cow!) KITTENS! (yay!) 

Expect photos shortly. 

Friday, April 17, 2009


I just came back from Nick's to an empty house (except for my exuberant dogs, who were THRILLED to see somebody) and called Troy to see what he was up to. It was just the two of us since Mom and Dad were off celebrating their 29th anniversary. 

He's hanging with his friends and playing rock band. He says he will be home at midnight. I ask him to please come home around 11 because I would like to be awake when he comes home, so that I know he is home. We then spend about 10 minutes arguing on the phone and I finally relent and say okay, please be home by 11:30. He gets angry and we say bye. 

THEN Troy calls me back and says I'm tired of you bossing me around my WHOLE life, and I am taking a stand right NOW and won't listen to you anymore. And I am coming home at midnight. I roll my eyes and respond that I wasn't bossing, I was ASKING, because I don't feel that great and have work tomorrow at 8 would appreciate you being home at 11:30. We then argue again and finally I just say see you at 11:30 drive safe, and I KNOW he will be home at 12 and GAH, stinking little teenage brat boy going through a flipping rebellious stage. 

UPDATE: Tricky boy actually came home at 11:12, because he had to move his car for a friend and decided to come home, and I now feel kind of bad for my rant, but OH WELL, because I am positive something like this will happen again and then I will just post something to the effect of "See previous post" for details. Bwa. haha. ha. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Magic is Freaking Awesome

I just went back up to my little hick high school with my mom to watch a famous Las Vegas Illusionist's show, and it was so cool! I was oohing and aahing like a little kid again and clapping my hands and laughing at his jokes. 

Some of the best illusions (be aware that magicians do tricks with their hands and illusionists perform tricks on your MIND) confuzzled me exceedingly. 

First, he pulled doves out of hankies and then turned the doves into ducks, and then disappeared the ducks. (I have no idea, seriously, how the heck he did that). 

Then he brought out PANTHERS. Real live panthers! So beautiful!!! A young black panther that leapt around on the stage and jumped on him, the illusionist, and ate treats, and then a spotted leopard, who was just so gorgeous I wanted to cuddle him. (Want a biiiig kitty cat! Without having to clean up after him. Apparently they were litter box trained). 

He then hovered a table, a small but tall table that he draped a purple hanky over and then, by holding just the very edges of the hanky, somehow made the table float! No wires, no anything. Crazy!

Also he made a woman disappear, or fold up somehow, she got into a box and then he put so many things in it from the sides there is no WAY she could have been in there, until she waved from a small hole! He spun it around, it was completely insane! He did this all for FREE. Completely free for non-profit organizations, he and his wife travel around the country and do this. It was awesome!

Anyhoo that was some crazy fun times, and I had a good time back up at my school, visited some old teachers and saw some friends, and had some fun with my mom. Yay for good reasons to procrastinate homework!!! 

(Update: am now actually doing the procrastinated homework at nearly 10:00pm and still maintain that it was fun, but that I am tired, and would like to go to bed. Over and out, folks). 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cross Dressing Highlight of the Day AKA Crazy McDonalds!

Crazy experience of the day: driving through McDonalds and watching a man wearing lipstick and tiny shorts and a wig throw himself on the hood of my car and stretch his arms out at me, crying "Please buy me a McDouble!" and then watching TWO BUSLOADS of cross dressers wearing high heels, wigs, and teeny tiny shorts and shirts parade in front of my car. (I couldn't pull up to the window! I was stuck for a few minutes, my jaw hanging open very attractively, let me assure you).

Then the lady at the window looked at me and my open mouth and said, with a sigh, "They come here every year."


Our tiny kitten Sophie passed away last night. We don't know why, and we tried and tried to keep her alive. I don't really want to write more, because we are all sad. We only had her for a few days and she was so sweet, but she's with her whole family now.

Cat up a Tree

During our dog playdate, we forgot that the kitten Zoe was still outside! Sage saw her and then raced up the hill towards her, and she promptly tore up a tall tree.

Look carefully and you will see a gray kitten up this very tall tree, on a very steep hill.

Initially we were going to let her chill up there for a while, and hope that she would come down on her own. But she ended up wedging herself between the V of two branches and started meowing pitifully, so we caved.
After I took this picture I warned Nick to not die, because I didn't want this to be the last picture I ever took of him.

Zoe, looking down at us and ignoring our demands/pleas to come down. She tried to climb up a few times and each time she did we yelled and Nick hit the tree. He was only about a foot away from her at the top of the ladder, but couldn't get any closer, and she refused to come towards him.

After about 20 minutes our necks hurt and we came down, and Zoe was brave enough to slide/climb down a few feet to the next branches that V'd, and Nick climbed up and scruffed her and got her down. Yay!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dog Playdate


Also! Nick's parents and Clair went off to the ocean for a few days so Nick and I had their house to ourselves! I had a brilliant idea the second day and brought over my dogs to meet their dogs, like a dog playdate. It . . . turned out not to be such a brilliant idea, and all the dogs may now be emotionally traumatized.

Here's Bobbi Socks, their new(ish) boxer. She loves those leaves, loves to drool, and is very friendly. So friendly she ticked off my dogs by licking their mouths (ew).

Aaand here's Molly, the sassy Boston terrier that started off hating me and now likes me and jumps and licks but isn't that friendly towards strangers, including dogs.

Here Molly is terrifying my dog Kali. Molly kept trying to herd my dogs by biting at their legs, poor things!

Sage loves Nick. Though it is possible in this case that my girls are trying to jump on Nick so they can get away from Molly and Bobbi. Kali actually jumped into the trunk of my car and wouldn't come out!

And then Sage chased the kitten up a tree. A tall tree. Which she promptly got wedged into and was stuck. But that's another post!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belated Post: Valentine's Day 2009

So for Valentine's Day, my very sweet boyfriend gave me caramel apples from Wisconsin! I love caramel apples! They are one of my favorite treats but I rarely get to indulge in them. He kept it a complete surprise, too.

Here's the box!

They were HUGE and juicy and delicious and had chewy caramel and salty peanuts and was just all-over AMAZING.

Here's the funny couple. We're cute, right?

It was a very fun Valentine's day, with the caramel apples (no worries, I shared!) and then it SNOWED and it was so beautiful, and it made for much fun and slipperiness when I had to chase Bobbi Socks up the hill in the snow to get my box of caramel apples that she stole! Later we went out to our favorite sushi restaurant, and we actually sort of dressed up! I traded in my beautiful topaz necklace for my grandma's ruby necklace and earrings so that my jewelry matched my red silk shirt. We had a great time. 

Happy Valentine's Day Nick! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cassiopeia Topaz Necklace

This beautiful necklace is my Christmas gift from Nick (from four months ago, I know, and yes I feel guilty for not blogging about it sooner)!

Nick told me a few weeks before Christmas that he wanted to buy me a necklace, but that I had to help him pick it out. We looked everywhere! He really liked the journey diamond necklaces, as did I, however the price range shot up ridiculously for good quality stones, and they had a bad habit of rolling over on their side. (To be entirely truthful too, I preferred something a little less common. Seems like everybody has one)! We both also did not like yellow gold, and preferred white gold or platinum. 

So we kept looking, and looking. I liked the sapphires that weren't too dark, he liked them dark. I liked emeralds (because they matched his eyes) but they didn't match mine, and Nick didn't love the emerald I did. 

Then I liked rubies, and he liked garnets. And it seemed like every store was having sales and the next store would have bigger, better, cheaper necklaces! And we started getting veeeery grumpy about looking for more because we were so freaking tired of looking. 

And I very definitely wanted a pendant. Something special! We were looking online and I saw that Kohl's had some very promising looking pendants, so we decided to go down and look. We ended up being torn between a three stone journey necklace and the cassiopeia topaz pendant, which is a clear topaz that has a treatment applied to the outside that makes it sparkle and be so colorful--it is blue and purple and green and clear and shiny and sparkly, and it has a tiny diamond chip right above the topaz and it is white gold and we both just fell right in love with it and so Nick bought it for me, and I stubbornly refused to wait until Christmas and Nick clasped the necklace for me once we were in the car and since that day it has rarely left my neck because I love it and he gave it to me. 

Thank you Nick! ^_^ 

BBC Update!

Bikini Body Challenge Update #1

Beginning weight: 152
Beginning body: flabby and needs muscle and definition

Current weight: 151 DOWN A POUND! WHEEEEE!
Current body: looking better! Getting some definition of a 4 pack for abs, working on keeping my stomach from pooching out (sexy!), and working on legs. 

Workouts: HOLY COW ON TOAST, I just got back from Tae Kwon Do and I am exhausted! We did constant kicking and jumping and kicking and then punching FOREVER and then push-ups. And then I came home and did over 100 crunches! That is dedication right there, people. I've been eating better (mostly) and trying to work out more at home, walking around, jumping on the trampoline, and using the wii workout thingy over at Nick's. 

Problems: I am still having trouble with portion sizing! I always want more on my plate than I actually can eat. Last night I had WAY too much garlic bread. 

Good news: This morning I made myself a banana pancake and stopped eating when I was full! I still had some left but wasn't hungry enough to eat it. Go me!

How are the rest of you ladies doing?

Kitten in Katie's Cleavage

Meet our new foster kitten, Sophie. 

She is 10 days old, a whopping 4 ounces, and the only survivor of her three other litter mates.

 She is ADORABLE. We picked her up this morning from a veterinary clinic, and are feeding her teeny tiny amounts of kitten milk replacement mixed with a teenier amount of wet kitten food every three hours. We also need to keep her warm, and the best way to do that is body contact.
Thus, the kitten cleavage.  

As I type this she is curled up sleeping inside my shirt. Our dog Sage is going bonkers trying to figure out where the kitten scent is coming from. 

Here's our tiny new girl!

Conked out after a good meal. 

Still sleeping. Apparently she spends the majority of her time asleep. She is so darn cute!

I'm sure I'll have updates a lot because KITTEN PICTURES! Who can resist?! ^_^ 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quest Complete

I have finally found that which has eluded me for years and years: the perfect lip balm. Behold!

The blurriness and flip-floppiness adds to the mystique. Really. It's Vanilla Sugar lip balm from Bath and Body Works, one of my (and Kyla's) favorite lip balms of all time that DISAPPEARED from the stores because it was DISCONTINUED. (WHY?! Why!??!) And it took me years to figure this out and then find them on ebay. As soon as I did I bought them! I am now the proud owner of two .14oz vanilla sugar lip balms and am just so ridiculously thrilled and delighted about this that I did a happy dance as I was opening the package and even now feel a squee coming on.

It's amazing lip balm! It smells good, it tastes good, it isn't slimy or glossy like all the others, and Nick even likes it. (Amaaaaazing. Really. Picky boy). I luuurve it!

Apparently this lip balm is being sold again for a limited time, which is how I won it on ebay. But I don't want you all to rush out and start buying this lip balm just from my say-so on how fantastic it is--they might run out! In fact, this lip balm actually kind of sucks. You definitely do not want to buy it. I would suggest perhaps MAC or Burt's Bees, which are infinitely superior. OK gtg off to buy out the rest of ebay's stock! Smooches! ^_^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bikini Body Challenge

Spring is here! The poppies are blooming beautifully along the highway, I love driving home because the dogwoods are arching and flowering over the road, the weather is warming up, and I wore the first miniskirt of the year yesterday! And you know what that means. . .


I have been hiding under my American Eagle jeans and Nick's sweatshirt all through fall and winter, and have not been working out at all! I want to look good in my bikini. THEREFORE, I have made deals with Nick and my mom.

With Nick, the first one of us to get defined abs (him 6 or 8 pack, me 4 pack)gets to choose a vacation spot for small trip. With Mom, we are both trying to lose a set amount of weight by early May. (We already lost weight doing this a few weeks ago). No worries, we are being smart about it and just trying to get healthier by eating less junk food and exercising more.

So here's the challenge! Try to get bikini body ready in time for bikini season! Winners receive fluffy unicorns, and possibly Edward from Twilight.

I know Aimee H. from work is up for it, is anybody else up for the challenge?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is my OTHER boyfriend, Rocky, the nine month old son of my friend Vicky. As you can see he is adorable--Nick has a lot of competition. He may act cool about it but I know he's really worried. ^_^

Thank you Aimee for taking this picture! I love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Fakeout

I suck at April Fooling. I start to smile whenever I tell something not true! And I can't ever think of a good joke. So yeah. Just . . . Happy April Fools Day. Have some lolcats. Funny without the work of pranking!
(Translated: The media portrays unrealistic body. Image ideals for the young felines of today).

Hahahahahahehehehehehteeeheheheheheheheh *snort*.