Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is a Tent in My Living Room

The tent is so we can check that there are no holes in the fabric before we leave for our Yosemite backpacking trip. Each day we are going about 7-11 miles at a very high elevation, and we take everything with us except food. (Apparently the food is deelish! Brought in on mules!)

In other exciting news, I just got a super happy tentative diagnosis of gastritis by my wonderful doctor (seriously nice guy) after I finally caved in and made an appointment after 6 days of constant dull pain and nausea and lower bowel issues. He said to take an acid reduce (prevacid) and a probiotic (align [expensive!]) and gas-x and pepto bismol as needed, and that it will be hopefully better in about 2 weeks. Yay!

This has been an awesome summer, with me being sick. About three days after the semester ended I wound up with a really sucky cold that knocked me out for about a week. A week after I recovered from that I got a urinary tract infection (peeing blood) and went on cipro antibiotics. A week or so after that I caught Vicky's flu for two days and then relapsed during Nick's camping trip. And now I have gastritis. The doctor said that my system is probably way out of whack, with being sick so much, and that hopefully the acid reducer and the probiotic will get me back on track.

In conclusion: Nick, you were right about making me see a doctor. Mom, you were right about saying what was wrong and also that our doctor would be cheaper than the county clinic. Aimee, you were right to say to take an acid-reducer. I'm sure other people were right too, but right now my stomach is too rumbly to think about it. (But no pain! NOOOO PAAAIN! Yess!)

Cross your fingers for me that this works! Also, wish me lots and lots of luck and happy stomach feelings on this trip, since we will be in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I was so excited to see this movie I was bouncing through the credits. When the lights dimmed, I squealed and clutched the hands of my neighbors (luckily people I know--Nick and Andra), and then clapped a few times in happiness. 

I get really into movies. ^_^ And the Harry Potter series is totally worth getting into! 

It was funny, it was scary, it had romance and action and just some darn cute moments. We went to see a matinee showing and it was nearly full, but much better than the nighttime showings--the line was already way long when we got out.

Everyone agreed the Half-Blood Prince is a great movie. Now, go and see it! I order you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am debating getting a dwarf hamster. I know my house is already overrun with animals, but I waaaaant one. (I am an impulsive sort of girl. Also an obsessive one.) It all started when on vacation I reread my Mice Guide book from back when I had mice (have had mice, birds, hamsters, fish, cats, dogs, rabbits), and I decided that I wanted a furry four-legged little stinky thing again. Since then I have been debating mouse vs. hamster vs. bird.

So I need advice on whether or not to get one.

First! Mice are stinky. And they eat their babies. They are cute, but I am iffy on them.

Second! Hamsters are cute! And fluffy! They probably eat their babies too, but hey! Nobody's perfect! And they are soooo cute and adorable and fun. They usually live for 1 1/2 to 2 years.

(And this is the cage I would like to get for the hypothetical hamster. Our old cage is stiiiinky).

It has a SLIDE. That you climb up! Too cute! At at the top is the exercise wheel! I love it! Ahem.

Third! Birds are awesome and cool, and if I had one I would try really hard not to let it fly away outside like I did with Rainbow, my old parakeet. (BTW, I would get a parakeet). They are colorful and fun, but my cat would try to kill it. They also live for like 7 plus years, so when I move out in a year(ish) Nick might kill me for bringing a bird. ^_~

Help! Decision time! I need advice! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guess Who Sold Her Car?!?!

ME! ME! ME! I sold my car!!! My very first car, my silvery blue Toyota Camry 1994 car, my car that grandma and grandpa sold to us (for a very nice price), that car, is sold. To a very nice man with a two year old daughter. I put the car out for sale with Nick at 4pm, got a call at 6pm, and he drove it at 7pm, and then called at 9pm to say that he wanted to buy it. No haggling, all very simple, and breezy. And he paid in cash!


I also got the flu, and went camping with Nick's family in Fort Bragg, and then went on a vacation with my family, all of which I will post pictures of shortly. But I am soooo excited because I sold my car!!! (Except now I really ought to pay for my new car since I have moola. Drat!)