Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belated Post: Valentine's Day 2009

So for Valentine's Day, my very sweet boyfriend gave me caramel apples from Wisconsin! I love caramel apples! They are one of my favorite treats but I rarely get to indulge in them. He kept it a complete surprise, too.

Here's the box!

They were HUGE and juicy and delicious and had chewy caramel and salty peanuts and was just all-over AMAZING.

Here's the funny couple. We're cute, right?

It was a very fun Valentine's day, with the caramel apples (no worries, I shared!) and then it SNOWED and it was so beautiful, and it made for much fun and slipperiness when I had to chase Bobbi Socks up the hill in the snow to get my box of caramel apples that she stole! Later we went out to our favorite sushi restaurant, and we actually sort of dressed up! I traded in my beautiful topaz necklace for my grandma's ruby necklace and earrings so that my jewelry matched my red silk shirt. We had a great time. 

Happy Valentine's Day Nick! 

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