Friday, April 17, 2009


I just came back from Nick's to an empty house (except for my exuberant dogs, who were THRILLED to see somebody) and called Troy to see what he was up to. It was just the two of us since Mom and Dad were off celebrating their 29th anniversary. 

He's hanging with his friends and playing rock band. He says he will be home at midnight. I ask him to please come home around 11 because I would like to be awake when he comes home, so that I know he is home. We then spend about 10 minutes arguing on the phone and I finally relent and say okay, please be home by 11:30. He gets angry and we say bye. 

THEN Troy calls me back and says I'm tired of you bossing me around my WHOLE life, and I am taking a stand right NOW and won't listen to you anymore. And I am coming home at midnight. I roll my eyes and respond that I wasn't bossing, I was ASKING, because I don't feel that great and have work tomorrow at 8 would appreciate you being home at 11:30. We then argue again and finally I just say see you at 11:30 drive safe, and I KNOW he will be home at 12 and GAH, stinking little teenage brat boy going through a flipping rebellious stage. 

UPDATE: Tricky boy actually came home at 11:12, because he had to move his car for a friend and decided to come home, and I now feel kind of bad for my rant, but OH WELL, because I am positive something like this will happen again and then I will just post something to the effect of "See previous post" for details. Bwa. haha. ha. 

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