Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"An Echo in the Bone" arrived two days ago and I finally finished it and it was awesome and I loved it and now I have to reread it again and it has a cliffhanger! which is bad because Diana Gabaldon takes like three years to write each one.

My dad is in Denver for a trade show for his work and this morning he was upset that Troy had his Visa card still (Because Troy is a Bad Boy this is proof) but I hope you have a safe trip Dad!

I had a weird dream I think where I bought groceries and I went downstairs and was surprised that we did not have sourdough since I distinctly remember buying sourdough but apparently I did not in real life.

Tylenol sucks for pain relief.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's New!

A series of interludes in our lives. 

1) The Symington's have Netflix! I am already making lists of movie that I want to see (or re-see, as I am a re-watcher and re-reader).

2) Oooh, a segue! I am feverishly re-reading Diana Gabaldon's addicting series of "Outlander" so that when "An Echo in the Bone" arrives soon (ordered from Amazon two days ago--released from Amazon yesterday! EEEEEEE!!!) I am up to date on the very complex happenings in the lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser in the late 1770's. 

3) I bought freshly squeezed apple juice today! An a caramel apple! Deeelicious!

4) I had a bad night last night. Needed to take pepto-bismol and four antacids before I could sleep. Felt a little nauseated. Feeling better today but still not right. 

5) I had my blood drawn yesterday for the Helicobacter pylori test (a bacteria that burrows into your stomach lining and can cause gastritis) and will have the results in a few days. 

6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a baby girl today! Charlotte Grace joins Willow and Wesley's daughter Seraphina. Yay!

7) I cried a little while reading a blog post by one of my favorite blogs. I've been getting all emotional lately! A few weeks ago, while ordering my microbiology book from Amazon, I spent like an hour trying to buy it and when I finally did I was so upset I cried on Nick. Gah! 

8) School is going well. Chemistry I just got a 92% on my first test, and I am acing the Microbiology lab tests but need to study more for the lecture tests. Music is pretty easy but I need to remind myself to actually do them online. 

9) Quentin's English is improving dramatically. He is on the high school's soccer team and we've gone to watch some of his games--they are very good! He has made friends and we hear that all of the high school girls are ga-ga for him!

10) Oz keeps growing more and more! He sticks by his people all day long. Right now he's napping about 2 feet away from me on his rocking chair. He is such a sweet boy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bachelorette

For Kristin's bachelorette party we had a girls night out--we started at Andra's house drinking margaritas with penis straws and eating bagel bites before we played any games. The games were: molding play-doh into the most realistic penis (Liz won), "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" (sexy poster guy with the groom Kenny's face pasted on), and the card game spoons played with pornographic cards. Then we ate a delicious lasagna and garlic bread and salad dinner, and cut into the two penis cakes, before we went upstairs to get beautified. 

Ta-daaa! Red lipstick and gloss, "Bachelorette party: Enter at your own risk" caution tape as sashes, penis stickers with hooker names (I'm Ginger) and four inch heels. Kristin is wearing the "Bride to be . . ." t-shirt and a crown. 

We drove to Barcode (the 107.9 radio station club) in Sacramento. On the way, we stopped at 7-11 and trooped inside for some drinks, and got a LOT of stares and a "I wish I had my camera" comment. 

If you go to a club, pretend it is your birthday or Bachelorette party, because we got in after waiting through about 1/3 of the very long line. A guy came up and was like "Come with me" and Andra was like "Are you serious?" And he was like "Yeah, I work here." And then we got in! 

We danced from like 11-1:30am and had a lot of fun. I love Anna for trading me shoes sometimes, and saving my feet from my evil heels. I had also forgotten how grabby guys got at clubs (Shut up, it's been a while). We got back to Andra's and then I drove home with my penis whistle souvenir and caught about 4 hours sleep before getting up to go to work. Fun! 

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Lurve It!

I am way too ridiculously excited about the changes I just made to my blog. A picture in my header (which took a while to figure out how to format), pictures in my sidebar . . . and NEW COLORS for my borders and blog title.

I've just been so bored with my blog, and too grumpy to write anything other than: (Ready? Here goes! Something new for you!) "Whine. Whine. Blah. Ahem. Whinewhinitywhinewhine." My blog explanation is "Laughing at life" and yet all I am doing is feeling sorry for myself.

So, obviously, my blog needed a makeover! (I do, too, but we will ignore that for now in favor of keeping the 70 dollars in my pocket instead of for my haircut).

To prove my upcoming hilarity, I give you "Katie Looking Ridiculous".

Here my cousin Jessie and I are at the Buchart Gardens, with big droopy flowers on our heads.

THIS is quite possibly my favorite picture of my uncle Scott. Also at Buchart Gardens. We had a mission: to try on a tea cozy like a hat. He completed his mission.

As you can see, I also did not fail the mission. (That's Aunt Lesley laughing hysterically at us).

And here I am, covered in flour, at my friend Jess's birthday five years ago. We baked a cake, baked a pizza, listened to loud music and for some weird, random, unknown reason, thought it would be funny to put flour all over our faces and take pictures. I won't show Kyla and Jessie's photo's . . .yet.

Jeez, I hope I even remember how to be funny. This is kind of pathetic.

PS Troy you must drop me a comment telling me about the awesomeness of my awesome blog's awesome new awesome stuff. Or. Else.

BBC Update

So, I reached my goal weight, which was about 9 pounds below what I was. Now I hover around 145, knowing that I should be eating less mac 'n cheese if I want it to stay down. I have no words of wisdom to bestow about losing weight--not exercise, or discipline, or yadda yadda. My weight loss was very simple.

I got gastritis.

Cutting out all spicy and acidic foods, Starbucks, desserts, and eventually a lot of dairy really has an effect on a girl. (I am now off caffeine and haven't had chocolate for. . . I can't remember my last chocolate. Maybe a week and a half ago when I had a bite of brownie?) (Literally. One. Bite.) Also gastritis causing, ya'know, upset stomachs and burny sensations and nausea kind of made me want to not eat that much.

In summary, I got my bikini body, but then I felt too sick to show it off. Go summer!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have just discovered something so absolutely on the edge-of-your-seat thrilling that I had to share right away. 


My front door key . . . also unlocks the back door!!! 


Okay, wait, don't run away! I have a point! Our front door sticks sometimes--since Troy and I were in middle school/high school we would walk home and sometimes have to break in through a window to get inside because our key wouldn't turn enough in the lock. I just came home from work to discover that my key was again being temperamental. I called Troy, and he told me Dad just told him that we can unlock the back door. 


I ran to the back door (it's very hot out) and the key worked! Then I groaned. "Troy, it's not gonna work!" 

"Why?" My poor brother was baffled. 

"The filing cabinet door is out, there is a painting leaning on the door, and the treadmill is in the way!"

"Well . . . figure something out!"

So I did. My hand barely fit through the door so I could inch by inch scoot the filing cabinet closed. I pushed the painting over and the treadmill was juuust far enough away that I slowly squeeze (look for BBC update soon) myself through . 

"I DID IT! I DID IT! TROY! IT WORKED!!! Woo-hoo!!!" 

And now you all understand why this bit of news is so amazing. IT GOT ME INTO THE AIR CONDITIONING. ^_-