Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bikini Body Challenge

Spring is here! The poppies are blooming beautifully along the highway, I love driving home because the dogwoods are arching and flowering over the road, the weather is warming up, and I wore the first miniskirt of the year yesterday! And you know what that means. . .


I have been hiding under my American Eagle jeans and Nick's sweatshirt all through fall and winter, and have not been working out at all! I want to look good in my bikini. THEREFORE, I have made deals with Nick and my mom.

With Nick, the first one of us to get defined abs (him 6 or 8 pack, me 4 pack)gets to choose a vacation spot for small trip. With Mom, we are both trying to lose a set amount of weight by early May. (We already lost weight doing this a few weeks ago). No worries, we are being smart about it and just trying to get healthier by eating less junk food and exercising more.

So here's the challenge! Try to get bikini body ready in time for bikini season! Winners receive fluffy unicorns, and possibly Edward from Twilight.

I know Aimee H. from work is up for it, is anybody else up for the challenge?


The Fredy Family said...

You know I am in. I'm down 16 of the 32 and I ready to roll!

Andra said...

ME! What is your weight loss goal? I'm up for iiiittt!!! (Dear god I need it...I still have finals week on me lol)

Katie said...

Yay!!! :) Go girls!
Geez Aimee you are amazing! 16 pounds in less tan 8 weeks? Wow!
Andra, I'm not sure about my goal--I am 150-152 right now, I definitely want to be 145, maybe lower, it depends on how I look. What's yours?