Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clubbing & Ranting go together like PB&J

Boys are weird. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

 . . . generally. 

I just don't understand them sometimes. Usually I can figure out what's going through their minds (at least as much as I want to, but let's ignore that particular field of land mines, shall we?) My confusion is about boys in clubs, which is probably not the best example of prime gentlemanly specimens. 

See, last Saturday Andra, Anna, and I went out to a club in the city again. 

Here we are after getting ready in my room.

We had a blast! 

Anyhoo, back to the point. Boys at clubs. 

Why Boys at Clubs are Weird and Sometimes Creepy Point the First: 

They do not appear to understand the words, "No, thanks." It doesn't matter if you're telling a guy who just grabbed your hand to try and dance with you, or if you're turning down a drink, they will offer again and again. 

For example, last time, after I told this short dude I didn't want to dance multiple times, even having to come up with reasons when he demanded to know why, he GRABBED MY ARM when I passed by him to go to the bathroom. Not the understandable kind of grab where it's to get your attention because it's loud in here, no, I mean the kind where I was jerked backwards because he grabbed it so hard. So I'm trying to shove my dislocated shoulder back into place, and he leans forward to shout in my ear, "Where ya goin'?!" I gave him my most withering glare and said shortly, "I have to pee." 

(Here I am hugging (propositioning?) Anna, even before my vodka cranberry that is much more expensive than I realized because it was after 11pm and that's apparently when prices go up, yikes-a-doodle.)

Why Boys at Clubs are Weird and Sometimes Creepy Point the Second: 

The term "boyfriend" mysteriously loses it's meaning. Suddenly, instead of, "I have a boyfriend, no thanks," meaning exactly that, it means "Why yes I'm interested, feel free to make a pass!" 

Example: a guy from Romania tried to buy me a drink, asked me a bunch of questions when we were taking a break at the bar, followed us to the stage and danced with me--hands attempting to go places they're most definitely not allowed--and then after we escaped found us at the other side of the club and sat next to me for another ten minutes or so, invited me to San Francisco to go clubbing with him, tried to give me a back rub, and tried and failed to dance with me again. He did all this after I told him that I had a boyfriend, and that his time would be better spent hitting on someone single. At one point I was so frustrated I told him, "I really do have a boyfriend! I'm not making this up, I swear!" 

Why Boys at Clubs are Weird and Sometimes Creepy Point the ThirdFourthFifthGAHIGIVEUP: 

Why would you try to pick up a girl at a club? (Don't answer please). 

There are creepy old dudes (Quentin calls them "creepers") that walk around and stare and try to dance with you. EW, I am decades younger!

Don't ask me my age. I'm wearing a wrist band that means I'm older than 21. Yes, I can drink. No, I don't want you to buy me one. Shoo. 

Why ask my name? Does it matter? Will we run into each other on the street? WARNING: I may make up a dumb stripper name if you ask for mine. 

KEEP. YOUR. HANDS. TO. YOURSELF. I have nails and I know how to use them. 

I do have an awesome time dancing with my girls though! Cheers, ladies! 

P.S. Jeans next time! (I mean it this time, I swear.) 

Friday, March 26, 2010


*Last weekend we went to the LA marathon to see Quentin's dad run it! He ran 26.6 miles in 3 hours and 32 minutes, how crazy is that? His running has inspired me to want to run in a marathon, (a short one, I am so. not. a runner), or at the very least to be more active.

*New Moon came out on DVD and I've watched it 2 and 1/2 times, and it's playing right now. Dad's watching it! (Can you believe it?! YES!) I am so Team Jacob and love the 30 minutes his shirt is off!

*My brain is mushy. I keep forgetting what day it is, what I am supposed to do at that day, and I'm misplacing things--which is normal for me, but what isn't normal is what I'm misplacing. I am used to losing my cell phone or my keys, or the shoes that match my outfit, or leaving my mascara in my purse, but today? Today I misplaced the cash envelope and the deposit envelope at work, two things that you DO. NOT. LOSE. The doctor asked if I had a deposit envelope for him and I'm like "Yep! Let me get it!" and I go to where we keep the envelope, and IT WASN'T THERE. Five frantic minutes later of me thinking I've lost my mind and my boss looking at me like I have lost my mind, I found it in the credit slip drawer in my supervisor's desk. GAH.

*I took a nap today because I have the most awesome boyfriend ever! I went to see Nick after work and immediately fell asleep in his bed for nearly three hours. He's so sweet, he let me sleep as long as I needed to and I even heard him telling Clair that she needs to not come in right now because Katie's sleeping and it needs to be quiet. Nick's been nagging me to sleep more (I stay up too late all the time) and I finally got to catch up!

*I got to see Aimee (my supervisor)'s kids! My friend Andra babysat Cole (3 years) and Siena (1 year) and I hung out with them for a few hours. I cannot believe how grown up Cole is--I used to babysit for him when he was just a few months old! And Siena is seriously one of the most adorable girls ever. Her laugh is so cute!

*I got to see Vicky too! She came over and we watched New Moon and made chocolate chip cookies, sooooo delicious! It was so nice to see her and be able to catch up, especially since we used to work together a few times a week and now we see each other so infrequently!

*I'm sleepy again and can't think of anything interesting to say. But! I have a new "tart" dress (Mom's definition of a short party dress) that I'm going out in tomorrow night with some girlfriends so I will at least have an interesting story of how I couldn't bend over and how I fell over a lot from my heels!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love Poem

My clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases,
At whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring,
Whose palms are bulls in china, burs in linen,
And have no cunning with any soft thing

Except all ill-at-ease fidgeting people:
The refugee uncertain at the door
You make at home; deftly you steady
The drunk clambering on his undulant floor.

Unpredictable dear, the taxi drivers' terror,
Shrinking from far headlights pale as a dime
Yet leaping before apopleptic streetcars—
Misfit in any space. And never on time.

A wrench in clocks and the solar system. Only
With words and people and love you move at ease;
In traffic of wit expertly maneuver
And keep us, all devotion, at your knees.

Forgetting your coffee spreading on our flannel,
Your lipstick grinning on our coat,
So gaily in love's unbreakable heaven
Our souls on glory of spilt bourbon float.

Be with me, darling, early and late. Smash glasses—
I will study wry music for your sake.
For should your hands drop white and empty
All the toys of the world would break.

--John Frederick Nims (1913-1999)

I discovered this poem in my 2,000 page English Literature textbook, and kind of just fell head over heels for it and the man who is speaking to this clumsy yet absolutely endearing woman.

. . . and, honestly, it makes me think of Nick and I. Which I like.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What do YOU think?

I found my three barrel curler today. I attacked my hair with it. I want to know what you think about it!

Mom though it was cute, Troy did too (under pressure). Dad didn't say anything but later admitted he was wondering if I had done something to it.

Quentin asked me: "Did you just wake up? And not brush your hair?"

To what you're wondering: Yes, we no longer have a living French boy here. I suffocated him with hair spray.

(Apologies for the same background in every shot. Also that these are taken by photo booth. It's too much work to upload from my camera!)

So, what do you think? I will give you some multiple choice.

A) Why, Katie, that is simply the most sizzling hairstyle you've ever sported! Say you won't ever stop styling it just so!

B) Dear lord, woman, accept that you have straight hair! Stop trying to curl it! My eyes won't take it!

C) Meh. Whatever.

D) I love it but don't think you would ever wake up early enough to do it again. Snap a picture and say you're done.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tackling the Fish Tank

This weekend I tackled my fish tank.


My twenty gallon rectangular tank needed to be water changed at least 50% due to some fish disease (possibly ick or velvet, but QuickCure is taking care of it) and I decided to take the entire tank apart and scrub it, rinse the gravel, wash the plants and castle, and then reassemble it with a new curtain.

I had to move all the fish over to another tank! That was fun. Not.

It took me four hours all together.

Now it's really pretty!

Here's my pride and joys: my angelfish. I bought them when they were about the size of a quarter and now they are HUGE!


Yeah. I think that I'll wait another four years or so to do a full clean again. That was a workout!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unexpected Hail

When you are curled up on the couch, snuggled warm under a blanket with a steaming mug of tea in hand, watching the characters of P.S. I Love You cavorting around Ireland in the sunshine, the last thing I expected was hail to start pouring down outside. 

But it did. 



Sage, Kali and I paused the movie (which was actually in the middle of a sweet first kiss) to go spin around in the hail barefoot (or barepadded) for a few minutes. Then we ran back inside and shook the hail out of our hair and returned to the movie's love scene. 

It was a pretty wonderful random hailstorm. 
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a cold. A lovely sucky cold. My throat hurts, my lymph nodes are huge, I keep coughing and now my nose is leaking like our toilet. And I spent six hours today curled up in Nick's Saab with my pillow, a new romance novel, a new box of Kleenex, and a new bag of Ricola cough drops. Normally I sit an hour and then go to yoga, then have lunch with Nick and sometimes Ryan, and then sit for two hours. Today I forgot my yoga mat, and figured that in Down Dog I would have such a runny nose I would have to stop stretching and go catch it before I infected my friends. . . and somehow sleeping in a warm car on a rainy day sounded better. (Even though my legs fell asleep).

As soon as I got home today Sage threw up in the kitchen and on our expensive oriental rug. Awesome. Then the toilet overflowed (it wasn't me though!). Then I fought with Troy and mom about dinner. I'm just . . . tired. And sick. And tired of being sick.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yeah, this is directed at YOU, Males of this Household

Just once, just once I would like to have some walnuts available when I have a recipe that calls for them. The men in this family snack on walnuts like no other. They don't last more than a week. Blondies are not the same without walnuts.