Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Magic is Freaking Awesome

I just went back up to my little hick high school with my mom to watch a famous Las Vegas Illusionist's show, and it was so cool! I was oohing and aahing like a little kid again and clapping my hands and laughing at his jokes. 

Some of the best illusions (be aware that magicians do tricks with their hands and illusionists perform tricks on your MIND) confuzzled me exceedingly. 

First, he pulled doves out of hankies and then turned the doves into ducks, and then disappeared the ducks. (I have no idea, seriously, how the heck he did that). 

Then he brought out PANTHERS. Real live panthers! So beautiful!!! A young black panther that leapt around on the stage and jumped on him, the illusionist, and ate treats, and then a spotted leopard, who was just so gorgeous I wanted to cuddle him. (Want a biiiig kitty cat! Without having to clean up after him. Apparently they were litter box trained). 

He then hovered a table, a small but tall table that he draped a purple hanky over and then, by holding just the very edges of the hanky, somehow made the table float! No wires, no anything. Crazy!

Also he made a woman disappear, or fold up somehow, she got into a box and then he put so many things in it from the sides there is no WAY she could have been in there, until she waved from a small hole! He spun it around, it was completely insane! He did this all for FREE. Completely free for non-profit organizations, he and his wife travel around the country and do this. It was awesome!

Anyhoo that was some crazy fun times, and I had a good time back up at my school, visited some old teachers and saw some friends, and had some fun with my mom. Yay for good reasons to procrastinate homework!!! 

(Update: am now actually doing the procrastinated homework at nearly 10:00pm and still maintain that it was fun, but that I am tired, and would like to go to bed. Over and out, folks). 

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