Sunday, February 28, 2010


After nine months of stomach problems, insurance hold-ups, and a mis-mash of diagnoses, I finally saw a gastroenterologist on Thursday.

Brief History! Last June, right after the semester let out and I finished up some really hard classes, I got the flu. And got better. And got sick again. And got better. Ish. Not really. My doctor said I had gastritis, and said to take Prevacid for two weeks and I would be better. Nope. Fast-forward through months of continued taking of prevacid and then prilosec, feeling sort of better and then getting sick again, getting more and more freaked out about what is wrong with me. Go to the doctor again after losing 17 pounds, and get a diagnosis of acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and go home with some super awesome acid-suppressors and anxiety medication. Start to feel better. Gain 7 pounds, yay! Go to GI doctor!

So my GI doctor says that I have the classic symptoms of IBS and nervous stomach. He says to continue taking the Lexapro and the Kapidex, work on managing stress, and that he doesn't think I have anything to worry about.

Some interesting things that he brought up: that I have post-infectious IBS (triggered by the flu in June), and that I may outgrow it in 1-2 years! He mentioned like a four word thing I can't remember too, that is basically hypersensitivity of the stomach and intestines--so something that a normal person wouldn't even notice is uncomfortable for me. He said that he doesn't think I need an endoscopy (or colonoscopy, thank God! Not until I'm 50 or whatever) unless the endoscopy would give me peace of mind. I'm not doing it, I feel well enough that I'm not as paranoid as I used to be.

Let's hope that within another year or so my symptoms disappear completely! I would love to be normal again and not need to take medications anymore!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I Spent Thursday Night at a Disney Concert . . .

. . . because my brother rocked it! His high school (he's in band) puts on multiple concerts every year and this one had a Disney theme--they played music from Tarzan, and the Incredibles, and more in the band section, then had some seriously amazing vocal performances. My favorite was the Aladdin song "I can show you the world" duet--the guy singer was a-MAZ-ing, and I was squeezing Nick's arm the entire time. After they finished and applauded I punched him in the arm and demanded, "Why don't you ever sing me a song?!" to which he replied that since I made him go to Disney concerts I didn't deserve any serenading. (Yeah. Just see if you get that back rub now, Nick. Mwahahahaha!)

Seriously though, my brother did awesome and looked so handsome! He wore black slacks and a black shirt and a gray tie with paint splatters, and his shaggy blond hair with scruffy face, and he played on a snare drum, the vibes, and the bells. Good job buddy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Girls Night Out!

Andra and I went out to a club a few weekends ago! Aren't we pretty? (PS Andra's wearing my Urban Outfitters dress that I raved about, here is the first chance to see it up close!)

Smoosh! We had so much fun, we have to do it again! Some guy asked Andra out and another tried to get my number repeatedly, even after he knew I have a boyfriend. And there are always the really annoying guys that don't realize that "No" means "No!" Gah. Overall, way fun!

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Kitten in a Fort

I had a lot of fun making a fort for Oz to explore. We received two huge boxes that had new lanterns for our front door--and also lots of neat cardboard and plastic!

'What is this? Can I eat it?'

Looking pensive. Possibly hungry.

'Must. Search. For. Fooood.'


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Sunday, February 21, 2010


'SO HUNGRY. SOOOOO HUNGRY. Stoopid human goes away all day without putting enough food out and now I'm STARVING.'



Full disclosure: I do not starve my cats. I fill that bowl up like two times a day and my darn kitten goes through it like I go through chocolate. He just got really impatient this time and couldn't wait for Io to finish eating so he could have his turn.
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why You Can't Leave a Drink Unattended in My Home

Because this happens.

'Oooh. What is this? Tasty food, perhaps? I love food!'

'Hmm. Not food. Still, the human was drinking it. Maybe I'll like it!'

'OMG this is the most deeelicious water ever!'

Aaaaaand this is why there are like three or four glasses in the background. I drink something, he jumps up and sticks his head in it. If it wasn't so cute, it would drive me nuts!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend 2010: Part One

For our third Valentine's Day together, Nick and I went up to his grandparent's cabin. We have been there only once before, and this was our first time up in the winter. We left Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday, and this time we planned our meals out very well!

Saturday night I made hamburgers and crinkle fries. Sunday morning, while I slept in, Nick got up and made scrambled eggs and toast. He woke me up by telling me to "Hurry up, or your breakfast will get cold!" Which is a wonderful way to wake up if you have to.

Sunday we got suited up and went outside in the snow--or, technically, I got suited up in many bajillion layers, and Nick wore jeans and his jacket.

I am the abominable snow-bunny marshmallow Pillsbury dough-girl.

Valentines Day Weekend: Part Two


Nick, while we are making a decadent chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. SO AMAZING.

Our perfect chiling bucket, conveniently located about six inches from the sliding back door.

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Valentine's Day Weekend: Part Three

Homemade pasta and garlic bread! YUM! Nick has a red sauce and I have an alfredo sauce. We also had caesar salad, and then the amazing dessert!

There was this much snow! If the snow wasn't there you would be able to see the two-story cabin. I'm in the driveway right now. There was a lot of snow! We went outside and slid around on discus sleds but unfortunately didn't slide too far, and then threw snowballs at each other until we fell over.

Walking over the icy path to the cabin--I fell on my butt a few times!

I brought this wood in and stacked it! I may not be an "excellent" fire maker like I claimed (and produced a pitiful fire) but I am an excellent wood stacker. Ha!

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Valentine's Day Weekend: Part Four

One of my favorite moments from this weekend. I love this picture--that look is classic Nick

Awesomeness! I was cracking up while taking these.

Admiring the view. . .

The hole from his foot shows us exactly how far it is to the deck!

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Valentine's Day Weekend: Part Five

Here's a pretty view from the deck--the deck that had about seven feet of snow piled on it. Nick wanted to jump out the second story window onto the snow but it had already hardened and probably would have hurt a bit!

Me standing on the deck, having a great time!

Happy Valentine's Day Nick! I love you!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Blackmail pics!

Such a cute boy!!!

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Dress-Up Time!

For my friend's wedding anniversary I stole her children!

Rocky first tried to call Tokyo . . .

Shelby and Dixie rifled through my jewelery and found some crowns from my cousin's Bat Mitzfah . . . and I gave them some Twilight Sweethearts for Valentine's Day! (Jacob's on them!)

Rocky did his favorite thing of turning the TV on and off . . . while wearing Shelby's shoes . . .

. . . shoes with a half inch heel . . .

All in all it was so much fun! Vicky's kids are awesome and very well behaved. We ate chicken pot pie, made oatmeal peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies for Vicky and her husband, fed the horses across from our house some carrots, read Cinderella, walked around outside, and colored pictures for their parents.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm rushing to eat after work after the gym because I have to pack and clean so I can get to Nick's so we can go up to his grandparent's cabin up in the snow before it gets dark, so really really quick--

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Idiosyncrasy Confessions: Procrastination

I am a huge procrastinator. If I can put it off I will put it off. If I can't put if off, I will anyway. If it is an inconvenience I still won't do it. Nagging does nothing to spur me on. Bribes have no effect.

Exhibit A: My house keys. They have been at my friend's house for months because I lost them in her car and then she found them the next day. A few days ago she emailed me and said oops, by the way, forgot to tell you my parents are moving far away and your keys have been packed! (Note, I have had MONTHS to pick them up. And have not.) So! I said okay, cool, send me their address and I'll mail them money so she can ship them to me.

Because of my procrastination, for months now I have not been able to get into my house. I get home from school and nobody is here so I am stuck outside.

I was able to convince Nick to break in for me about three times before he lost patience and said I either need to get my keys or break in myself. So I have been breaking in to my own home. Multiple times a week.

Yesterday, Nick stopped me on my way to break in. He asked how long it would take for me to either get my keys, and when I said I didn't know, asked why in the world haven't you made a copy of the original house key so you can stop breaking in? It will take just a few minutes and, like, a whole dollar.

Quite simply, that is more work than I am willing to do.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pair of Living Hearts Revealed

My two-year anniversary present from Nick!!! He gave me two bamboo hearts after making me agonize over the hint "It's living, and it's a pair of hearts."

I love them.

Lots and lots!

And lots! I mean, how many boyfriends think of giving their girlfriend bamboo hearts? Or caramel apples for Valentine's Day? Nick does good. ^_^ (Also, admire the background. That is our nearly finished remodeled bathroom, showing the granite tub surround).

Happy anniversary Nick! Thank you!!!