Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kitten in Katie's Cleavage

Meet our new foster kitten, Sophie. 

She is 10 days old, a whopping 4 ounces, and the only survivor of her three other litter mates.

 She is ADORABLE. We picked her up this morning from a veterinary clinic, and are feeding her teeny tiny amounts of kitten milk replacement mixed with a teenier amount of wet kitten food every three hours. We also need to keep her warm, and the best way to do that is body contact.
Thus, the kitten cleavage.  

As I type this she is curled up sleeping inside my shirt. Our dog Sage is going bonkers trying to figure out where the kitten scent is coming from. 

Here's our tiny new girl!

Conked out after a good meal. 

Still sleeping. Apparently she spends the majority of her time asleep. She is so darn cute!

I'm sure I'll have updates a lot because KITTEN PICTURES! Who can resist?! ^_^ 


The Fredy Family said...

Kitten in cleavage = kitten poo in Katies bra

I bet Nick will love that.

Katie said...

LOL thanks aimee! (Actually she can't poo on her own yet--HA! ;) At least I hope so! :) )

Andra said...

OMG!! SO CUUTTEEE!!!! I WANT ONEEEEEE!!!! I want to see her this weekend!!! WHEN I AM HOME!!! :) ok sorry too many exclamations. You got your hair cut too!! its super cute!!!! you should put up more pictures!

Katie said...

Thanks Andra! Call me this weekend I'm free Saturday after 12 and all sunday! :)