Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cross Dressing Highlight of the Day AKA Crazy McDonalds!

Crazy experience of the day: driving through McDonalds and watching a man wearing lipstick and tiny shorts and a wig throw himself on the hood of my car and stretch his arms out at me, crying "Please buy me a McDouble!" and then watching TWO BUSLOADS of cross dressers wearing high heels, wigs, and teeny tiny shorts and shirts parade in front of my car. (I couldn't pull up to the window! I was stuck for a few minutes, my jaw hanging open very attractively, let me assure you).

Then the lady at the window looked at me and my open mouth and said, with a sigh, "They come here every year."


The Fredy Family said...

We saw them too! At first I was like "Hey Mike. look at that fat chick stuffed in the mini dress and the prostitute shoes." then Mike's said "Honey, that's a dude"

Andra said...

LOL!!! I wish I could have experienced it.

Katie said...

I called Nick right after I pulled out of the parking lot and was laughing and not sure what the heck to say. And after I told him about the guy throwing himself on the front of my car and the two busloads of drag queens, ALL HE SAYS IS "Why were you in the McDonalds parking lot?!" So funny! :)

Andra, it was HILARIOUS. ;)