Monday, November 9, 2009

Twilight Confessions!

My name is Katie, and I am addicted to Twilight. *deep breath* (ducks flying rotten fruits and vegetables from Twi-haters). 

I swear I've heard all the arguments against Twilight! People say that it isn't well-written (it's a book for teens!) and that it shows an unhealthy teenage relationship (whatever. So many worse books out there. Yes, it may be different because these are so widely read, but honestly. Heathcliff, anyone?) also, Edward acts like a freaky obsessive stalker (no snarky comment here, I actually agree. Him staring at her sleeping without her knowing it freaks me out). 

HOWEVER, these books rock. I dare you to start reading it and then try to stop. (I couldn't. Read the first book at night when I should have been asleep, but I couldn't stop, I JUST HAD TO KNOW!) I also love the movie. My worst complaint is that the actor for Jacob Black is freaking only 17, and I wish he was 20. (Shh!) 

Even though I have all this love for the books, I actually cannot read them anymore. I had to stop myself from rereading them, because too much of the "Edward--so perfect! thoughtful! Adonis-like! Perrrfect!" comments by Bella and then start to read about their fantabulously perfect relationship (misunderstandings and evil vampires aside, these two worship each other), I start to get irrationally angry at Nick. Seriously. My fabulous, sweet, thoughtful boyfriend, because he is not as perfect as a fictional character. I have absolutely no basis for it, because I'm so happy with him, other than we are not in a book, and our lives are not perfect like Bella's and Edward's are. And because I realize I am ridiculous, I've cut myself off. 

 . . . well . . . . . .at least for a little while. 

Catch ya later, Twi-hards!


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Andra said...

I seriously replayed the jacob scene of the new moon trailer over and over and over....I'm a pedophile now :( I wish she chose jacob!!!! I need a date the the opening night, or weekend whichever you are free!!! Girls night!!!!