Monday, November 2, 2009


Quentin discovered the joys of photobooth a few weeks ago! He has a pretty good sense of humor. (He doesn't know that I'm posting these, so we'll see how well that humor holds up when he does see). ^_-

His English is much improved from when he first came here: he gets jokes, he can be sarcastic, he uses slang, and he is getting better at watching movies in English instead of wanting to watch them in French. (Interesting side-note: did you know that the French audio uses "merde" for every single bad word?) 

He still doesn't pronounce "h" very much, and he calls our dog Kali "Kari" and Nick is "Nicky" my name instead of Katie is a cross between "Kitty" and "Kahty", but I think that it's funny and that he shouldn't change it. 

And here he is giving the French cheek kiss! (Not really, but it goes along with this being the end of the post.) He actually didn't do that when we first met him, because he's trying to be American, but his French friend Louis stayed the weekend and did the cheek kisses (I totally didn't know he was going to, and ignored him for a sec, but then was like oh! oops! okay.) 
And I'm babbling. 

Kiss kiss!

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