Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Traveling to Thanksgiving

A few things I have realized today, from packing this morning and driving eight hours to LA:

1) My kittens new favorite toy is whatever clothing item I am trying to pack. 

2) I don't like traveling. My stomach/IBS doesn't like driving eight hours. I had split pea soup for lunch and omg, hello freaking heartburn and upset stomach. Also a bit of anxiety from a change in routine. 

3) I need to go to the library, I had no books to read. I snoozed most of the way. 

4) My kitten chewed my laptop's charge cord. It no longer charges. Oops. 

5) I drink way too much water and suffer from Tiny Bladder. 

6) You actually CAN fit six people (my parents, brother, myself, Quentin, and his French friend Louis) plus two dogs and luggage into one van. I would not, however, recommend it. 


Janet said...

Is this kitten Oz? Because he is adorable.

Katie said...

Yes! :) He is adorable, isn't he? He has grown so much over five days . . . but he still likes to play, which makes me happy, because my big cat doesn't play that much anymore.