Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bikini Body Challenge Update + Gastritis

Beginning Weight: 152-153 lbs
Current Weight: 140.5 lbs
Feelings about Current Weight: YayBleaaaghhhhhWhateverHungry

People. I can fit into my Grandma's wedding dress. My teeny tiny Grandma's teeny tiny wedding dress. I think I'm ready to stop losing weight now.

The sad thing is that if I lost this weight by exercising and eating well, I would be ecstatic! In actuality, though, I am losing this weight because of gastritis, and heartburn, and acid reflux. I have cut caffeine, sodas, chocolate, spicy foods, spices in general, dairy, eggs, desserts, sugary things, fatty things, vinegar, and black pepper out of my diet. (You'd think the black pepper wouldn't matter, like who loves black pepper, but I have had some mondo cravings for Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips) (Also cravings for burgers, and fries, and cheese, and fried pork. Really, anything I'm not supposed to eat).

I am still taking Prilosec OTC every 12 hours. I am taking Align probiotic once a day. I take Tums and Rolaids and Pepto-Bismol as needed, which for the last week or two hasn't been that often. I'm also fighting a cold/sore throat that I was sweet enough to give to Nick. (You're welcome!) And now my mom has laryngitis and she's blaming me too. And my dad feels like he has heartburn right now too. Yikes!

Also! My jeans don't fit me as well. I'm wearing Cassie's smaller jeans a lot. My shirts are looking loose and my boobs are smaller. (CURSE YOU, GASTRITIS!)

In summary, my body is bikini ready.

Too bad it's winter!


Katie said...

You are looking great, Katie, but enough is enough! You have my permission to start eating again. We'll see what Dr. Knoble says next week.
Love, Mom

Katie said...

Sweetpea, You should take some new photos of yourself at this skinny weight and post them here. You'll photogragh really well as a skinny-minny.