Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweetie-Pie Kitten

Warning: This post contains mushy, gushy, potential baby-talk because this just happened a few minutes ago and I'm still in shock.

Guys, Oz just jumped up onto my lap! He never, ever has voluntarily jumped up on my lap and right now as I type this he is curled up on my lap purring quietly as I type on my laptop that is situated on my knees.

Here! Proof!

Me looking goofy, Oz looking cute.

Oz thinking that Man, that chick sure takes a lot of photos. She should pet me!

He has always preferred sitting close to us, but never on us. (Exceptions: he will sit on mom's chest when she is wearing her fuzzy navy blue bathrobe with the moons on it. He will also sit on her laptop keyboard).

He seems to think it's a pretty good deal; he gets a warm cushion and also scritches. What else is there to want? Unless I were to start feeding him some of my dinner. (Hint: I totally have before).

I'm still excited! My sweet little smushy-baby-cutie-pie happy purring fluffy warm kitten jumped up on my lap and curled up and is now happily napping. Except . . . now I'm stuck. There's NO way I can get up.

I should probably stop drinking water, otherwise that tiny bladder thing will be an issue.

And start buttering up my brother to make a bagel for me. Maybe he could bring me a toothbrush. And my pillow. Maybe a book?

Thank God for the entertainment factor of the internet!

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