Monday, November 23, 2009

Operation De-Stress

Stress plays a big factor in how I am feeling lately. If I get too stressed, I am more likely to have an anxiety attack and feel sick. (Boooo!) So I obviously want to cut down on the amount of stress in my life. (Yay!)

So! Katie's Totally Awesome De-Stressing List

1) De-clutter my room. Check! (Mostly. Oz and Io are enjoying having a whole bed to themselves, instead of sharing it with my clothes). 

2) Exercise. Check! (I stopped exercising three years ago when I started working evenings. Beating people up in TaeKwonDo was great stress relief). I walked around the circle yesterday and today with Troy, and started thinking about doing yoga. 

3) Talk to a counselor. Check! Appointment has been made. 

4) Medications. Check! Lexapro and Kapidex on board. 

5) Write. Check! Bloggidybloging, and also just finally started writing in my journal again. 

6) Keep up-to-date on homework and studying. Well. Erm. Huh. I'll get back to you!

7) Happy Place (visualization for when I get anxious). 

8) Library, to check out books on stress management/IBS/anxiety. I still need to go to the library, haven't been in ages! I miss my books. 

9) Play piano. This is harder, as piano makes me think of Grandma. Yesterday when I played, I started getting . . . angry? sad? frustrated? And later that night ended up blowing up at my dad (sorry!) and crying. But I felt better afterwards! Today when I played it felt better. 

10) Connect with friends. I miss my friends! They've all gone off to college. Thank god for facebook. (And blogs!) I do have Vicky coming over today, yay!


Janet said...

I LOVE checking stuff off of my to-do lists... it is awesome to finally see the whole list crossed out. But in order to be able to cross off a whole list, I have to make sure my goals are only one-day goals... so I'm a chicken, and I never tell myself to "exercise more" or "play piano" because I would never be able to cross those out :P Silly, I know.

Katie said...

Ahhh, thanks, I needed that laugh. ;) I usually make like ten billion lists just to organize things in my head and then I lose them. And then must make more. I think this one is more important than others though, which is why it rated the blog post. Also because I overshare. ^_^ Mwahahaha.

Katie said...

Mom says....
I am so proud and happy for you for progressing towards your goals. I also love seeing your bedspread again! Lots of love to you.

Katie said...

Thank you Momma! :)