Sunday, November 1, 2009

Idiosyncrasy Confessions: Voicemail

Idiosyncrasy is defined as "an individualizing characteristic or quality" by Merriam-Webster, and I have quite a few. (Surprise!) But today I'd just like to focus on one that never fails to make me twitch. 



I have an unexplainable inability to listen to my cell phone's voicemail. I will do practically anything to get out of listening to it. If I slide open my phone and see I have a voicemail, I'll hit "ignore" and call the person back, and then try to get them to understand that unless they are bleeding and can't call me again, to just not leave me a voicemail. My poor mom is often a victim of The Voicemail Speech, because she loves to leave casual voicemail. "Hi honey, just wondering what you were up to. I'm at work/home/shopping, call me back. Mwah!" 

I will let my voicemail's pile up until I get some angry calls (that actually get through to me) from friends and/or relatives that can't leave a voicemail because my box is full. Then I go through my voicemail's and delete, delete, delete (it makes me happy) so we can start the process over again. 

I have a theory that I hate voicemail so much because it takes too long to get to the messages. I have to wait, enter a password, and then wait for the stupid woman's voice to stop talking so I can delete. *twitch* 

Moral of the Story: Please, fortheloveofgodandallthatisholy, do not leave me a voicemail unless it is urgent*. I just won't listen to it. 

*Exceptions: Mom, because you're my mommy and I don't really mind except sometimes; Aimee, because you're my supervisor and I live in fear of missing an important message; and Nick, because I like the sound of your voice. 


Anonymous said...

Dont worry I will never leave voicemails on your phone because every time I have even considered it, it was full. Plus you would call me after listening to it anyways.


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