Monday, March 2, 2009

We Interrupt This Procrastination Schedule For Fluffy Goodness And Some AGGHHH

Here's a picture of my adorable dog Sage, hogging the new(ish) dog bed that we bought because they ate the old one.

Sage and Kali won't share this nice comfy bed, even though there is plenty of room! (Seriously, plenty of room!) Spoiled girls. Now we own two of these and they are very happy with their beds. We just have less room in our living room. ^_^

Ahhh. Cute little girl.

I had to post something fluffy because AGGGGHHHHH, Anatomy is kicking my butt. Hard. I spent 7 1/2 hours on Anatomy today and should probably do more . . .but I also got rain soaked, so bad I was dripping from my hair and my jacket made me colder than just my shirt and my legs have been aching ever since they were encased in sopping fake leather boots for three hours. So. I'm thinking nice hot bubble bath and hot cocoa and a good book will help!

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