Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mah finger is nekkid AKA Diamond, Wherefore art Thou?


It could be in the waffle mix, in my bed, in my stomach (I ate the waffles), down the drain, in the dog's stomach (they eat anything), in the couch, outside . . . or any number of places that I went but don't remember.

I came back to the couch with another waffle (Nick and I were watching Lord of the Rings) and sat down and happened to glance at my finger, and my diamond was GONE! I did this inhale/gasp/sob and cried "My diamond! It's gone!" And then I got all sad. We searched a bit, but honestly, in this big house with all the dog and cat fluff and dirt (n0t to mention the lot of time I spent doing dishes that it could have gone down the sink), it's very unlikely that we will ever find it. (AAAGGGGHHHHHH!)

Farewell, diamond. I'll miss your sparkle (especially in fluorescent lighting), I'll miss the comments (just the other day I got a "So, are you married or is that to keep guys from hitting on you?"), I'll miss the comforting feeling I would get from twisting you around my finger. My ring looks so lonely with just the setting and no stone. I've had this ring on my finger for four years--since I was 16 and my mom bought it for me. I have hardly ever taken it off. Now the only ring I wear is my great-grandmother's thin white gold wedding band. My finger feels naked!
I'll miss you!


The Fredy Family said...

Now you know why I do not wear my wedding ring at work!!!

Sorry you lost it. :-(

Katie said...

Yep, I'm sorry too. I'm gonna miss my ring! Thanks ;) I hope you and Siena are doing well! (Be sure to tell her when she's older to take good care of her diamonds!)