Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last summer we went to Hawaii on a 15 day cruise, (we being me, my family, my aunt and uncle and cousin Jess). It was beautiful and fun and sunny. (Man, I've missed sunny. We just had our first beautiful day of sun and I am so HAPPY!) 

Here's Troy and I dressed up for a semi-formal dinner. 

Mom's and my feet on Waikiki beach. Hot sand, warm water. Mmm. 

Mr. Monkey-melon head, one of the many awesome decorations at the dinners. 
Another formal night, in my bronze dress that I bought to match my multi-colored bronze/gold heels. First time I bought a dress to match the shoes!
Mi familia on the Na Pali coast on Kawai, on a Zodiac boat. We got SOAKED--the waves were huge! Almost knocked us off of the boat! 

Dad, me, and Mom at a formal dinner on the cruise. I think I was moving the pepper thingy so it wasn't in our faces. Or I needed pepper and didn't want to give anybody the chance to steal it. 

We went to a seahorse breeding ranch and got to see baby seahorses and different breeds and we got to have a seahorse wrap its tail around our fingers. That's mom's hand there. 

I think this is is coming back from a submarine trip to see ze fishes. The light down there turns everybody blue! I had to get that swimsuit cover up dress because my shorts got all wet from my bathing suit after we swam and I didn't want to go around looking like I'd wet my pants. So mom and I went shopping! Teehehehe. 

Someday, after I'm done with Anatomy, and then Chemistry and Physiology, and then Chemistry and Microbiology, and then whatever else I need, I am going on a cruise again. And it will be FUN. 

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