Monday, February 23, 2009

Furiously Playing Catch-Up: San Francisco

Here is proof of my great skills as a procrastinator--I'm finally getting around to posting pics of my New Year's trip. This skill is also helpful in college for getting papers done about ten hours before they are due. Anyway, I went to San Francisco for New Year's with Nick's family. It was wonderful!

Also, San Francisco has the BEST food EVER. Love the clam chowder bread bowls from the sourdough company!

This is at the Academy of Sciences, which was absolutely brilliant. Hugely long lines. Amazing exhibits, fish and forests and food and an aquarium and a planetarium. Here is a very very lazy alligator. Or crocodile. Or possibly an albino iguana. ^_^
Duuuuuuude. Goofy lizard-thing looks drugged.

In the Chinese Gardens. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT! That is the whiteness that is me. I radiate whiteness. Like a....(lamely) really, really white person.

Awwwww he's so cute! Hi Nick!
It's a wonder I saw anything else at the museum.

PENGUINS! Squishy penguins! I want one! I will hug it and squeeze it and call it GEORGE.

Clair, Nick's 8 year old sister, and I outside the Academy. (Katie, put on some mascara for God's sake! Also, fix your hair!)

Nick and Clair and some random girl playing with balls and gusts of air--the balls are hovering! This is at the Exploratorium, which is AWESOME. It's fun and sciencey and cool!

This is some black sand/possibly metal that is you sculpt to magnets. It gets spiky and is soft to the touch. Also it is a good height to use your elbows to keep the kids away so you have it all to yourself! Mwahaha!

Famous winding Lombard street that doesn't take good pictures. Hmph.

The sea lions off of the pier! So cute, and far enough away to not smell them. (Ohmigod the pier had crepes, delicious crepes with nutella and strawberries and mmmmm. Also a merry-go-round, which was so cool!)

The awesome view outside our hotel--that is a statue of a man climbing the building. How cool is that! I did a double-take the first time I saw him!

Me, being very very touristy, and dorky, as my sweet boyfriend tells me. I ignored that and made him take a picture of me anyway! Focus on the awesome merry-go-round and not me looking kind of chubby and brown, and also ignore that man's back. And ignore the weird plastic wrap stuff. Huh. This isn't the awesome picture I was hoping it would be. Oh well! Focus on the positive. Within 50 feet of me and Nick there are 3 different candy/fudge shops!

So yeah. San Francisco was awesome! We did way more than this, but it takes too long to upload photos. ^_^ Also they are not the best pictures ever. We ate at delicious and expensive restaurants--on New Year's we dined on steamed crab and clams and other deliciousness. (ThankyouthankyouthankyouNickandNick'sfamily!) We walked. And walked. And were freaked out by mass birds flying overhead and for the fireworks, we thought we had a great view until it turned out the view was ON THE OTHER END OF THE PIER. Ten minutes later we saw about 1/4 of the possible fireworks view for a about two minutes and called it good. It was hilarious.


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