Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Owwwwwwwwww. Took my first real TaeKwonDo class in two years. I kicked my own butt. And I hurt ALL OVER. Will update with a very whiny post soon as the next and second next days always hurt worse. (PS I missed you guys at TKD! Kristi was right when calling it coming home--I'd forgotten that I used to refer to TKD as my second home, and the people there my second family).
Going to go take a bubble bath. Owwww.


Andra said...

lol are you thinking about joining again? Oh did you find your ring :(

Katie said...

Taekwondo--I think I'll definitely go to a few classes for a while, at least until Aimee's back from maternity leave and then we'll figure out my evening schedule again. But I kind of liked being back (and being in paaaaaiiiin).
My ring--I still have the ring, but the diamond is still missing. I don't think it will be found. :(

The Fredy Family said...

No, not a girlfriend. Her name is Sienna. She is Nicole's friends daughter.

My Siena seems huge to me!