Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In the middle of my last class of the day today I heard sirens. After class I was walking over to the science building to study for Anatomy and I some guy stops me and says "Have you heard what's happened?"
I look at him oddly. "No, what happened?"
"Some guy was stabbed!"
I could hardly believe it until I saw it. In front of the science building the area was cordoned off with police tape and there were about five cop cars, numerous men in uniform, a news crew with a camera interviewing a somber man in a suit, and blood spilled on the concrete.
Rumor has it that there were two men fighting over a girl, and one of them stabbed the other twice. The victim's intestines were falling out, and he fell onto the ground. The stabber was so upset or in shock at what he had done that he sat down next to the man, supposedly his friend, and waited there until the ambulance and the cops came, and he was arrested.
A witness to the stabbing ran to get a known former surgeon at the school, who was luckily only a few rooms away--my Anatomy professor! He's brilliant and a great teacher.
Last heard, the victim was in surgery. Think good thoughts his way!

So scary this happened at MY college! Our little quiet community college!

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