Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 29th Anniversary!

 Congratulations Mom and Dad for being married for 29 years! Troy and I are glad you two met those gazillions of years ago, back when dinosaurs used to roam the earth. ^_^  

We hope your next bazillion years together are happy and fun! We love you! 
Katie and Troy


Katie said...

Thanks, baby. We love you, too!
And it really wasn't THAT long ago:)

The Fredy Family said...

So Katie, you look EXACTLY like your mom!!!
I love the photo!!!!! Your parents waited a long time to have kids too. Mine waited 12 years after being married!

gary symington said...

I think I look EXACTLY the same. OK, pretty much the same. Awww, pretty recognizable as the same guy in the picture. Without the hair. With some wrinkles. But I'm more buff. And I don't wear pants with stripes, and jackets with funny collars.

And right after this picture was taken I neatly dodged a stegasaurus rumbling by, pulling my new bride out of the way in true hero fashion.

But check out the wife--she's awesome! And still is.
I'm a lucky guy.

And thanks for the nice thoughts. Love, Dad

Katie said...

Love you too mom! Seems like it was a long time--you guys have been married longer than I've been alive! :)

Thanks Aimee! I think I look like her too. And yep, we're totally worth them waiting a while. ;)

Of course you look the same dad! Especially if I SQUINT. I'm kidding! ;) And very true, you don't wear more funny outfits. MY HERO! Save the damsel! Love you! ^_^