Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

Yep so this post has nothing to do with the title.
Two days after taking my first TaeKwonDo class in nearly two years, and I am still very sore. Merely touching some muscles (ie serratus anterior) results in paaaiiin and I cannot put on my socks or pick up heavy things or do anything that might tax my poor abused little body. (Butler! Bring me my chocolates and magazines whilst I recline on the loveseat! Cheerio! )
Yep. I wish.
Reality: I worked 6 hours at the clinic this morning and then drove straight to open lab for Anatomy and studied with some guys for three hours, then came over to Nick's and have proceeded to live out at least part of my dream: the reclining on a chair part while I type. He hasn't yet brought me chocolates or magazines though. Oh wait, yes he did--Nick brought up the chocolate marshmallows that we just toasted over a bonfire. What a sweetie! ^_^
Gaaaaah I am tiiired. I skipped out on sparring at TaeKwonDo tonight so that I could eat marshmallows, since I am well on my way to becoming one anyway. I am racking my brains for something interesting to say and I am only coming up with random Anatomy words, which I will not again subject you to. (Yet). Instead . . .

. . .this is your brain on Anatomy.

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