Friday, February 13, 2009

My Last Snow Day

I woke up this morning, thinking I would need to rush around and get ready for work, when I looked outside and saw WHITE! Everywhere! No road, no grass, even the air was thick with swirls of snow. I ran downstairs and called my boss, who lives nearby, to see if we would need to go in to work, and he said work was canceled, and to enjoy my snow day. And then I realized, since I go to college in a lower elevation, this is likely to be my last snow day ever! So I plan to enjoy the snow. The dogs sure are enjoying it, as you will see!

Our backyard: with a blurry hummingbird drinking sugar water to keep warm. I felt bad for him! (Fun fact: hummingbirds with bright colors on their necks are males. It's cuz they need the prettiness to get the girls).

Our front yard AKA Winter Wonderland

Our back yard: Sage and Kali don't know what to think!

Mmmmm, yummy! Fluffy water!

The huge blue oak tree in our backyard, so beautifully white and covered in snow.

Kali sniffing around, trampling through our plants. Who needs roses when you have snow?

Run! ColdfeetcoldfeetRUN!

Keep running! Don't stop running!

Running past the camera.

The girls spent about fifteen minutes with Kali chasing Sage--never catching her--while I furiously snapped pictures and only got funny looking blurry dogs. But it was cute, really!

Brrrrrr. Did you know my toes are cold?

Well, didja?! I need doggy slippers!


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