Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gaaaaahhh!!! VentiCaramelMacchiato Plus TallMocha Gaaaahhhh!!!

There are a lot of bones in the human body. Also foramens, fossa, (fossi?) and other things that I cannot think of because I just left a study group (at Starbucks! My brain is over-caffeinated!!!) and big words are jumbled together and I keep randomly pulling things like "canaliculi" and "synarthrosis" and "temporal process of the zygomatic bone" out of nowhere. Oh! If anybody is wondering about that sneaky eleventh organ system that you just cannot remember, it is the lymphatic system. (Ten minutes of going over every system in the body with a friend and we just COULD. NOT. REMEMBER IT.)

Also, Troy and I went through HUNDREDS of Grandma's music books (which is really only about half of them) and inhaled dust and hurt our backs and now we have some of our own and a LOT of boxes of music are going to the Music Teachers Association and I feel kind of sorry for them because that is a LOT of music to deal with. (But YES! So long as we don't have to figure out what to do with it...SCORE!)

Now, I think I am going to take a bath and mule over different types of joints and why the heck a synarthrosis joint doesn't have the synovial fluid, it is the diarthrosis joing that has synovial fluid, and that just screws with my head a bit too much.

Test tomorrow AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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