Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Awesomness of Snow+Cars=Nearly Badness

About twelve hours after I wrote my glowing snow post, I left Nick's in a hurry, as we had been watching Star Trek until we noticed that holy god it's SNOWING! And it's STICKING on the ROAD! Crap! NeedtogohomeNOW!

So I was driving slowly home in the SUV in automatic, so that it would switch to four wheel drive if necessary. So of course it had to become necessary, right?

I was driving slowly around a curve, with a ditch and trees on my right and a dirt cliff on the left, when my car suddenly started sliding! It was turning to the left, and my car was sliding on the snow and my brakes weren't working, so I panicked and over corrected by turning too sharply to the right, and started sliding towards the trees. Even though you think it wouldn't, my mind was clear and time seemed to be slowing down. I whipped the wheel back to the left and kept the pressure on the brake and the car slowly stopped sliding, leaving me facing the tall cliff on the other side of the road, blocking both lanes. I gently accelerated and went into my own lane, then stopped again and went into low four wheel drive and drove about 15mph the rest of the way home.
Once safely home, I waited until I was upstairs and on the phone to Nick to get the shaky adrenaline rush. But it went away, and I was fine! Just left with a healthy respect for snow.

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