Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Mundane Life

Firstly, I think I did well on my Anatomy test! Yes! *dancingwhirlingtwirling*

Secondly, the dogs ran away again. While Mom was yelling at them to come back. And they ignored her. AGAIN. Mom now wants them to be outside-only dogs, and I keep picturing the poor outside-only dogs at our clinic that are stinky and sick. Waaahhh!

Thirdly, Troy is rebelling in his teenage way, but this is the kicker! He TOTALLY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND how darn GOOD he has it! Mom was so much harder on me when I was his age! (She admits it!) And now Troy's bitching about how he has to come home "at 5:45pm for dinnnnneeer, like Moooooommmmm, I don't waaannnnnaaaaa, and maybe I'll come home after 6pm instead? OK? You're lucky if I come home at 6pm! Whiiiinnnneeeee." And Mom is like "Be home at 5:45pm or come home RIGHT NOW AND LOSE YOUR CAR." She be the awesome.

Fourthly, I abandoned Nick at school so I didn't have to wait 2 1/2 hours for his class to get out, and now I feel bad. Except he has my car. So hah!

Fiftly, this list sucks. I need to go eat something. And watch a movie and veg.

Sixthly, I am going to do some homework because that is how awesome I am. Nutrition, here I come!!!

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