Monday, February 2, 2009

Car Troubles

I love my boyfriend. ^_^

For lots of reasons, but the big one today is he knows what to do when a car dies, (and he knows how to change hoses, and other weird mechanical stuffs that I have no clue about) but today when my car's battery died he didn't do the panickyness like I do and he fixed it. And then he bought me a new car battery. And he's gonna install it! Yay! He also knows how to take a Grumpy Katie and make her laugh and turn into a Happy Katie.

In other news, I had four plus hours of NOTHING TO DO at school in between classes breaks and had to killlllll people because I had no good books to read, and I studied Anatomy for 2 hours in my car and had 3 hours of Anatomy class and then had upset tummy and got too hot.

But now I'm home with mac-n-cheese (homemade!) and it is all better!

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