Sunday, February 22, 2009


Something that I've always been a bit proud of is my stubbornness. I got it from my mom and it helped me (a lot!) when we argued all the time in my early teens--even though it was probably my stubbornness that got me into trouble!

Here's the bad bit about inherited stubbornness though: my Nanny is the queen of being stubborn! And I say that lovingly, though with a bit of frustration. ^_^ My family, including my uncle and aunts, would love to have Nanny move out from Florida up to where we live. She lives all by herself, and we are afraid of having anything happen to her. We showed her a wonderful apartment just ten minutes from us--and she likes it! Nanny met a sweet neighbor who also plays cards and also a worker at the assisted-living apartments who was very kind. But whenever we bring up her moving here she changes the subject! We want her to move up here so we can see her more often, and so that she can see us!

Any ideas on how to convince Nanny to move up here?

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