Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pair of Living Hearts Revealed

My two-year anniversary present from Nick!!! He gave me two bamboo hearts after making me agonize over the hint "It's living, and it's a pair of hearts."

I love them.

Lots and lots!

And lots! I mean, how many boyfriends think of giving their girlfriend bamboo hearts? Or caramel apples for Valentine's Day? Nick does good. ^_^ (Also, admire the background. That is our nearly finished remodeled bathroom, showing the granite tub surround).

Happy anniversary Nick! Thank you!!!


Kyla said...

So cute!! I love them!! :-)

Katie said...

Thanks!!! Seriously, how sweet is that?

And as to how sucky of a girlfriend I am . . . um . . . yeah. His present is still undetermined! :(

Lesley said...

Ahhh..the bamboo hearts are so cute! Did he think of that all on his own?

Katie said...

He did!!! Isn't he great?! :) He said he saw an ad or something online awhile ago and then thought of them. :)