Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dress-Up Time!

For my friend's wedding anniversary I stole her children!

Rocky first tried to call Tokyo . . .

Shelby and Dixie rifled through my jewelery and found some crowns from my cousin's Bat Mitzfah . . . and I gave them some Twilight Sweethearts for Valentine's Day! (Jacob's on them!)

Rocky did his favorite thing of turning the TV on and off . . . while wearing Shelby's shoes . . .

. . . shoes with a half inch heel . . .

All in all it was so much fun! Vicky's kids are awesome and very well behaved. We ate chicken pot pie, made oatmeal peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies for Vicky and her husband, fed the horses across from our house some carrots, read Cinderella, walked around outside, and colored pictures for their parents.
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