Sunday, February 28, 2010


After nine months of stomach problems, insurance hold-ups, and a mis-mash of diagnoses, I finally saw a gastroenterologist on Thursday.

Brief History! Last June, right after the semester let out and I finished up some really hard classes, I got the flu. And got better. And got sick again. And got better. Ish. Not really. My doctor said I had gastritis, and said to take Prevacid for two weeks and I would be better. Nope. Fast-forward through months of continued taking of prevacid and then prilosec, feeling sort of better and then getting sick again, getting more and more freaked out about what is wrong with me. Go to the doctor again after losing 17 pounds, and get a diagnosis of acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and go home with some super awesome acid-suppressors and anxiety medication. Start to feel better. Gain 7 pounds, yay! Go to GI doctor!

So my GI doctor says that I have the classic symptoms of IBS and nervous stomach. He says to continue taking the Lexapro and the Kapidex, work on managing stress, and that he doesn't think I have anything to worry about.

Some interesting things that he brought up: that I have post-infectious IBS (triggered by the flu in June), and that I may outgrow it in 1-2 years! He mentioned like a four word thing I can't remember too, that is basically hypersensitivity of the stomach and intestines--so something that a normal person wouldn't even notice is uncomfortable for me. He said that he doesn't think I need an endoscopy (or colonoscopy, thank God! Not until I'm 50 or whatever) unless the endoscopy would give me peace of mind. I'm not doing it, I feel well enough that I'm not as paranoid as I used to be.

Let's hope that within another year or so my symptoms disappear completely! I would love to be normal again and not need to take medications anymore!

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