Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend 2010: Part One

For our third Valentine's Day together, Nick and I went up to his grandparent's cabin. We have been there only once before, and this was our first time up in the winter. We left Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday, and this time we planned our meals out very well!

Saturday night I made hamburgers and crinkle fries. Sunday morning, while I slept in, Nick got up and made scrambled eggs and toast. He woke me up by telling me to "Hurry up, or your breakfast will get cold!" Which is a wonderful way to wake up if you have to.

Sunday we got suited up and went outside in the snow--or, technically, I got suited up in many bajillion layers, and Nick wore jeans and his jacket.

I am the abominable snow-bunny marshmallow Pillsbury dough-girl.


Andra said...

oh my god katie. You are the sexiest thing I have every seen. I'd tap that. :)

Katie said...

LOL Andra you crack me up!!!!! No, WE'RE the sexiest things ever seen with our Halloween costumes a few years ago . . . Jupiter. ^_- I'd tap that!