Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I Spent Thursday Night at a Disney Concert . . .

. . . because my brother rocked it! His high school (he's in band) puts on multiple concerts every year and this one had a Disney theme--they played music from Tarzan, and the Incredibles, and more in the band section, then had some seriously amazing vocal performances. My favorite was the Aladdin song "I can show you the world" duet--the guy singer was a-MAZ-ing, and I was squeezing Nick's arm the entire time. After they finished and applauded I punched him in the arm and demanded, "Why don't you ever sing me a song?!" to which he replied that since I made him go to Disney concerts I didn't deserve any serenading. (Yeah. Just see if you get that back rub now, Nick. Mwahahahaha!)

Seriously though, my brother did awesome and looked so handsome! He wore black slacks and a black shirt and a gray tie with paint splatters, and his shaggy blond hair with scruffy face, and he played on a snare drum, the vibes, and the bells. Good job buddy!

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