Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend: Part Three

Homemade pasta and garlic bread! YUM! Nick has a red sauce and I have an alfredo sauce. We also had caesar salad, and then the amazing dessert!

There was this much snow! If the snow wasn't there you would be able to see the two-story cabin. I'm in the driveway right now. There was a lot of snow! We went outside and slid around on discus sleds but unfortunately didn't slide too far, and then threw snowballs at each other until we fell over.

Walking over the icy path to the cabin--I fell on my butt a few times!

I brought this wood in and stacked it! I may not be an "excellent" fire maker like I claimed (and produced a pitiful fire) but I am an excellent wood stacker. Ha!

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