Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Weeks

We figured out our three kittens are about three weeks old! They actually now look like fluffy kittens, not hairy rats. We are trying to get them accustomed to eating out of a bowl now, but every time we try they inhale through their nose, step in it, and then wobble and fall in . . . So they are still bottle fed. Which, as you will see, they absolutely love!

Sleeping on my lap!

Tangled up between Kali's legs!


Still squished!

So cute! Curled up on mom after eating.

Then eating again!

OMG where is the bottle we need food right now!!! They're sucking my hand!

Practically running after the bottle! While oohing over the kitten, take a moment to admire my Victoria Secret smoochie kiss lip pajamas. Am sexiness personified right here!

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