Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sucker for Romance

I admit I am a total romantic fool. I love flowers, I love surprises, I love shiny things and being taken out. I also love chick flicks and romantic novels, and I cry when people on the radio profess their undying love.

What I never found romantic was Romeo and Juliet killing themselves because of a mistake. Tragic teen suicides, bah. Not my kind of romance.

I do, however, love the first part of the book, when Romeo and Juliet declare love at first sight, and sneak around to be together. Beautiful dresses, Romeo throwing pebbles and balconies...it makes my inner romantic sigh.

So obviously this is now my favorite music video. How could it not be?

I want her dress and her hair.

Drat. I just realized that Halloween is over and my chances of dressing up like that and convincing Nick to be Romeo are gone for at least a year...although having a whole year to convince him might actually be helpful. Hmmmm. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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