Friday, November 14, 2008

Kittens + Boys = Cute

We've been very busy here--still--but here! Have some fluffy kittens!

This is my baby cousin Adam holding the black kitten.

Nick in the morning before school with sleeping kittens.

My mom with all of them, that I woke up trying to get a cute picture!

And little white kitten, off balance and blinded by the flash of my camera.

We are trying to get them to start eating real food, and they will suck it off our fingers but not eat out of a bowl. They just have to figure out that they can open their mouths and chew instead of sucking! They are definitely ready for real food however, because they spend half the time on the bottle now being frustrated and chewing on it. It is a pain in the butt to feed them now since they are eating so often.

They are also starting to play a lot more! Right now two of them are wrestling next to me on the couch (while fluffy white kitten sleeps on mom's lap). They were tentatively named Edward (black) Jasper (short white) and Bella (long white) by my cousin and my mom, but we think that Edward might actually be Edwardette. Or something. Soooo we are not sure of names still!
They are growing well and still oh-so-cute!


The Fredy Family said...

they need to make another visit to AAEPC I think...

Katie said...

Lol Aimee... I can bring them in Monday if you want, but there is a very big possibility that they will meow the entire time. Loudly! But it might work... hmm.