Sunday, November 30, 2008


Since I have been remiss in my posting duties and also am lazy and tired, I hereby present the smushed version of my "Thanksgiving AKA Stuffing Yourself Until You Explode" post and the "Great Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree!"

Thanksgiving was great but very quiet, I kept thinking that we had the date wrong or something since none of my relatives were up! Missed you guys! It was just my family and Nick eating a huge amount of food. I ended up making a sweet potato casserole, and, like my boss suggested, putting in about 2 cooked banana per 4 sweet potato, and then whipping and covering with brown sugar and butter and sticking it in the oven for half an hour. Delicious!

All of us (except Dad, he was watching the game) then walked around the circle and fought the dogs every step of the way. (We will soon be buying one of those poky collars for Sage).

Then Nick and I drove off to his grandma's house for ANOTHER Thanksgiving feast! And I do mean feast--there was enough food for about 20 people and there were only 10 there, but it was soooo amazing! Nick and I and Clair played pool and first Nick won and then I won. Then we all exploded, the end.

This morning I woke up dark and early and drove to Nick's to go search for a Christmas tree for his family, and we all hiked for TWO HOURS up hills and down. I fell on my bottom once and slid halfway down a hill on my slippery boots, but Nick kept catching me! So sweet.

I took probably a gazillion photos with his dad's expensive camera, and hopefully will be able to post some of them soon!

Finally we found the perfect tree, after about 200 had already been examined and pronounced faulty for being too small or too short or too fat... it was hilarious! Nick's dad hefted it and we walked back down, and then bought delicious fudge and adorable Christmas ornaments! It was a lot of fun, but I am exhausted now. (May also be partly caused by the beginnings of a cold and a lack of wanting to do math and spanish homework).

So probably next weekend my family and Nick will go to a different tree farm and buy one for our house, even though we are going to LA for Christmas! Wish us luck and sturdy legs, for we shall need it.

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