Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remembering Shirley and Alan

Today was my grandparent's memorial service, a day that has been simultaneously anticipated and dreaded. My mom has exhausted herself trying to make today as perfect as possible, and all of the family has done so much . . . and it worked! Even the weather cooperated today, it was a beautiful slightly cool day, the sun was shining and there were perfect little white clouds in the sky.

We had the service at the country club in their home area, in a lovely large room with big round tables covered in white cloth, with blue accents everywhere. The flowers (the main ones from a florist, the table flower centerpieces we made, courtesy of our creative aunt!) looked and smelled great, and the pictures and remembrance cards were set up perfectly, and the food ended up delicious! The priest was very kind and well spoken, my uncle presented a fabulous slide show of their life, the eulogies were sweet and made me cry, (even my little cousin Nathan raised his hand to go up and speak, he was so brave), and Troy and I each played a piano song. I performed "Chanson" by Nancy Faber, which is French for song. It was the last piece that Grandma gave to me, just a few weeks before she went into the hospital. And I played it for her when she was still at home, and she said I played it so beautifully . . . it was also the last piece that I played for her. Troy performed an untitled piece that he wrote himself, in honor of Grandma. It was so beautiful!

I met so many family members I did not know, and friends of Grandma and Grandpa that I also did not know. They were all so sweet and friendly, the only problem is that my feet were dying from standing so long talking to them in my high heels! Four inch pumps are a no-go methinks! (But oh-so-pretty, I will probably bear the pain for the looks). Also, on my short (like seriously, 20 feet trip) to get coffee after our delicious lunch it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to get back to my table! Walking to the coffee I was stopped three times, getting coffee once, then walking back three more times! All they wanted to do was be friendly and nice and say that they loved the piano and they loved my grandparents and they'd be so proud, but man, it took forever! Even when I stepped outside with the little boys for a break nearly five people followed us! I don't really mind though, they were so sweet.

All-in-all, my grandparents were amazing people. How many people do you know that can meet and marry within 23 days and then be best friends for 54 years? My Grandma was 19 when she married Grandpa, and they were lucky enough to meet and marry the person that was perfect for them. It's so weird to think, that if they hadn't met and fallen in love like that, our entire huge, loving family wouldn't exist! They were great parents, the perfect grandparents . . . they were loved, and I will miss them so, so much.

Goodbye for now!

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