Friday, November 7, 2008

Decisions, 2008

By my last few posts you can obviously tell that I am a liberal democrat, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-alternative energy/fuels. I really did not like McCain or Palin that much, as they are against what I believe in.

However, after watching our country's decision on November 4th, I can now say that I respect McCain. He gave a very gracious concession speech, pledged his support to Obama, thanked his own supporters, and urged them to give Obama a chance.

Nick says I'm opinionated, especially about politics. It's true! I was working and found out Obama was our next president from a phone call from Aimee, and I squealed and danced in a circle in our back office. And I came home and watched Obama's speech on the TV and it brought tears to my eyes.

I realize that Obama is not going to turn our country around on a dime, and that I will probably not agree with everything that he does in the next four years, but I feel so happy and filled with hope. We have a new chance.

I am happy that Prop 4 was denied, (mandatory notification of guardians of a minor in order to procure an abortion) because I do not believe that 1) the government should have any say in abortions and 2) that it is not safe for some minor's guardian's to be notified, and that violence or homelessness would ensue.

I am so disappointed in Californians, however, for supporting Proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. Religion has no part in our government. "Separation of church and state" is what we are supposed to be, yet we are definitely not separate. I feel so badly for all of my friends or anyone whose life is affected by this ban, and I hope that it will be overturned soon. Equality for all!

(Also, OMG, 10 billion dollars to built a train?! Potentially 100 billion dollars?! We have a huge deficit, is right now really the best time? I do think it can be a good idea, but right now?)

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